NEW Marvel missing left-side BLUE color chip


I just picked up my replacement left Marvel yesterday. The unit was replacing a left Marvel that just crackled like crumpling paper ALL day!

Good news: this replacement aid is nice and quiet like the right one. So I’m glad I replaced that other one (still NO idea what caused the crackling).

Bad news: I just noticed that this left aid is missing the blue color chip that identifies it as for the LEFT ear. Upon close examination, I can actually see a gap where that chip needs to be. My fear is that moisture will now have a easier path into the aid as that chip sits flat against the sweaty ear. I’m attaching this photo off Phonak’s site to show the actual placement of this chip.

Is this a big enough deal to send the new replacement aid back in? I just don’t want to compromise its performance by wearing it. Thoughts?



Would your Audi be able to put a blue marker in?

If I was in your position, I wouldn’t wear it.



I would get with your Audi, but if t works great and you know it is your left aid then wear and enjoy



Seems like I have read in this forum that new aids come in the box without the blue and red stickers. The HIS or whoever at the office puts the stickers on before you arrive to pick them up.



Raudrive, it sure looks to me like these chips are more than just a sticker. It looks like they are actual plastic slivers that snap into place.

Augh! I will ping my aud-guy and ask if this is critical. Now there’s a fresh few inches of SNOW and no way to go over the high mountain pass to my aud-guy and have this resolved any time soon.

THANKS TO ALL for adding your recommendations. I also hesitate to wear this till I know if the blue chip needs replacing.



Just put some tape over any openings until your next visit. Not worth a special trip. If your next visit is a long time off and you’re allergic to tape or something :slight_smile: , have the audi mail you the marker chip and put it in yourself. Then you call it a small step toward DIY.



That’s a GREAT idea! I have some 3M medical tape that should do the trick nicely till I get this resolved.

As for putting that chip in place myself? @!?@*?@?# I’d invent cusswords. Guaranteed! :grimacing:



Couldn’t be any harder than putting your design stickers on your aids.:wink:



^^^ LOL! That’s just what I’d wanted to do upon collecting my replacement aid. I thought: I’ve finally got the pair working and can start decorating them.

Well, now the LEFT aid is dressed up in its early Halloween costume as a damaged specimen with a strip of 3M medical tape over a gaping hole. Not pretty enough to post … but limping along fine for now. :slight_smile:



I might have a spare one, where in the world are you bluejay ?



You are too sweet droo! I’m currently visiting my dear mom in Southern Cal. But I have an app’t set with my aud guy for the blue chip replacement when I get back home in early June.

Patience. That is my byword. :slight_smile:

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Hey! I got my blue chip snapped in by my aud-guy! At first, he was all for sending me home with the chip and his instructions on how to DIY. But I demured, and so it was done right there at his clinic while I got my acupuncture treatment down the hall … YAY! I feel better with that gap covered.

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