New here, have cochlear implant questions

Hello everyone! My name is Dan and I am scheduled to have my left ear implanted in March and I have some general questions that I haven’t found answers to.

  1. Is static electricity actually an issue? I sometimes handle plastic sheeting at work and get shocks often. I haven’t found any definitive info on this. I know it’s not good for computers so I’m curious about implants.

  2. I like to weld (Tig and mig) as a hobby and I’m wondering if anyone that has an implant has experience with high frequency welding equipment causing issues with external or internal implant components.

I’ve appreciated reading this forum and thank you in advance for any advice!

Welcome to the forum.

  1. The implant is grounded internally. The processor is magnetically attached to the implant. Not an expert but see no issue from static electricity.

  2. I have done some typical wire fed welding and had no issues. Also brazing, no issues.

I really don’t think you will have any issues. The processor will stick to metal. I seem to be around metal things all the time and the processor will jump off your head onto metal, not stainless though. When everything gets quiet, find your processor.


I know my friends daughter is not allowed to go down slides at the park and has to take CIs off when on a dentist chair as well. Is that the same thing as static electricity?

Thanks for the responses!

I was able to find some info on a site in the UK that says if you think your are statically charged ,like if your hair is standing up, touch something To discharge yourself before touching the processor. They did reference plastic slides for children.

I don’t have the best of luck with computers in general so I need all the help I can get! Loll

I wear my processor at the dentist, not an issue.
My second activation is next week. If I can remember I will ask about static electricity.

I use a stick welder all the time (usually dc with 6011 rod). I also use a 50amp plasma torch for cutting. I weld tractor parts and misc stuff. Never had a problem, other than my helmet knocking off my processor. This kind of sucks because when the processor hits the ground the little magnet grabs a lot of metal shavings.
I remove the magnet and clean, then put it all back together and off I go…
I have welded with and without the processor in place.

I can sure see this happening.

Thanks for the replies! I can definitely see the metal shavings sticking to the magnet too!

Its good to hear some first hand experiences, it sounds like there isn’t much to worry about as far as welding goes.

This brings up another question I asked my Audi, but did not receive an answer to. What happens in the event of a large solar event (solar flare). Throughout history solar events can and have knocked out power grids and many electronic devices.
I wonder how a solar event would impact us, and also is there anything we can do if we know a solar event is coming? -Maybe we can rap our heads in foil :slight_smile:

It’s tuff deal with this situation.


Welcome to the forum.
I’m hopeless at IT stuff as well. We have several geniuses on the forum here. When I have issues I come here and always get the help I need.

I haven’t had any issues with static and my processor so far. But then being in my 7th decade I don’t envisage myself sliding down any plastic slides either.

I can’t help you with your other question though.

Good luck on your new journey into CI hearing.