New Hearing Aids


I have differing recommendations from different audis.

  1. Unitron Indigo Moxi Open Fit BTE hearing aids at $2200 each.
  2. Either the Siemens Artis 2 at $3920/pair or the Siemens Intuis at $3360/pair.

My audiogram:

250 25/25
500 25/25
1000 30/40
2000 45/40
4000 45/40
6000 70/55
8000 70/60

I am brand new at this and would welcome any suggestions, comments or recommendations.

In addition, I have the following questions:

  1. Which one is the most suitable HA for my situation (I’m a CPA) or would still something else be best?
  2. How is the price looking considering they will be dispensed in NY City?
  3. How comfortable are they to wear?
  4. How well do they stay in place?
  5. Does sweating adversly impact the HAs?

Thanks for any help.

Probably every manufacturer out there makes an instrument that will fit your need. Your (my) audiologist will recommend the instrument they feel most comfortable fitting to you. At least that is the way it worked out for me.

i would say…

  1. if you get unitron get the next… it has been greatly reviewed here.
  2. most mid price options are identical across all board, so it is a matter of how fits what…
  3. sweating distroys hearing aids, buy a global from dry and store…

I’m brand new too, so can’t help you with models or brands (I’m test-driving the Widex Passion right now). But I live in AZ and it’s hot here (we sweat). My audi told me to wear them in the heat to see if my normal sweating was going to cause a problem while I’m still doing a trial. He also mentioned the Starkey Zon - he was impressed by it’s water resistant features. If sweat becomes too big a problem, I may check them out. Also, if you don’t mind possibly looking a bit silly, you can get little neoprene sleeves for the aids at

Good luck!


Let me know how you do with the Widex Passion outdoors. I usually take mine off if I am going to be working outside for an extended time, but I do wear them routinely when showing property and have to be outdoors (and sweating). No problems, and I put them in the dryer when I get home.

I have had my hearing aids about one year. The adjustment period was similar to what others describe. However, I am still greatly bothered in environments like restaurants. And, the two places I need them most are the two places I just cannot tolerate having them in. Home and my son’s house. At home, my wife coughs and sneezes so loudly that even without the aids the explosive sound nearly takes my head off. That plus her clanking and crashing dishes and cookware is just too much for me. At my son’s house the grandchildren do what children do, play and yell. And the house has little carpeting and high ceilings which cause sound to reverberate. Even without the aids talking or understanding conversation is nearly impossible. With them, I feel like the world is ending.
I have never adjusted to the way I sound when I am talking. People just ignore me which tells me they do not hear me speaking. I have to shout and watch reactions to judge how loud I am talking. I feel like I’m truly handicapped. Conversation, both ways, is much easier and more natural without the aids.
I really hate these things. I’ll be 70 in a couple months and have to admit this is the most difficult and unpleasant life passage I have yet experienced. Did I say I hate these things? I hate these things.
They do amplify sound but calling them ‘aids’ to hearing is a misnomer. Under ideal conditions (going outside in the quiet of the morning [we live in a rural area] to get the newspaper allows me to hear birds and other nature sounds I miss without them.) That’s nice. But, otherwise, “ideal” conditions just do not present themselves in day to day living.
Another annoyance: While they stay clean and do not get wax build up, I find that perspiration, or whatever, gets inside and is annoying. If I lie down or recline the fluids cause a major class tickle that easily classes as torture. I have to take them out and swab my ears in order to take a nap.
There is more but this is too long anyway.
Did I say, I hate these things? :mad:

Oops. Sorry to hijack the thread. I must have clicked wrong, meant to start a new thread. :o