New Hearing Aids

Hi, first time poster, long time lurker. I am looking in to getting new hearing aids and I am looking for some recommendations(I know there is no “one size fits all” aid), I currently have Unitron wi-fi mic BTE hearing aids and although I am satisfied with them, I think it is time for an upgrade since they are 6-7 years old!

One of the things I do dislike about my current hearing aids though is the inability to wear regular headphones with them without getting feedback or not being able to position them to hear well enough (for exampe: ADL at movietheaters, I have to position them akwardly for my aids to pick up sound and they subsquently wont stay on my face or if position them a certain way I get feedback). Therefore I’ve been looking into smaller hearing aids such as CIC or Half-Shell or Full-Shell but I don’t know if they would be appropriate for my loss. I also don’t like the tight plugged up feeling I get from the ear molds.

I’ve looked the Unitron Fuse and while they fit my criteria, the only offer a small gain which I’m afraid won’t be enough for my hearing loss.

I’ve attached my latest 2 hearing tests (sorry I don’t know how to represent my loss with DB numbers like I’ve many do so If someone wanted to do that for me it would be much appreciated) and I am getting a new one next Tuesday.

Any recommendations or advice you can offer would again be much appreciated!. I thank you for taking time to read this!

CICs don’t feel as plugged as earmolds. Plus you can wear headphones no problem. Recommend you try a different brand if possible.

Tthanks for the suggestion, but could you please clarify. Do you mean I should try a different brand of BTE aids or that I should go with CIC aids but make sure they are a different brand than my current aids?

Also I would like to mention that I live in Florida and it rains alot during the summer, therefore I am always having to remove my aids at the slightest hint of a forthcoming downpour or face them possibly getting ruined. I have a dehumidifier for the aids but, I don’t think it would save them if they got soaked.

I always carry a scarf (for guys, bandanna) for emergencies.

Please send some rain here. It is beginning to look drearily brown— like Kansas.

How about carrying a waterproof hat that covers your ears when it rains? I have one that fold up and I can carry it in my back pocket if I’m going to be out in the rain.

Might I suggest that the next time you post your hearing test results (and even edit what you’ve posted so far), do so by blocking out your name, dob and age printed at the top of the page. :frowning: It’s now just a small short step to creating all types of problems for you if someone were to obtain your SS number. :eek:

The above is nothing more than a little friendly “heads-up”. You probably didn’t think about it when you posted, so maybe this will help.

Shi-Ku Chishiki

ZThank you, didn’t even realize my info was on there, post has been edited.

Your Welcome… :slight_smile:

Shi-Ku Chishiki