New hearing aids

Hey guys! I have a hearing problem, im not sure what the technical language would be, but my high frquencies are completely deaf, mid-frequencies are very bad, and my low frequencies just below normal.

I used to wear the widex flash aids, but with a recent regression in my hearing we decided to try the Widex clear 440 with the audibility extended program.

I am a student, and i experience problems with hearing in class so we are looking at the bluetooth program in addition to the audibility extender to solve my problem. also, if i use the directional channel in class it works quite well as long as I’m sitting in the 1st row. But i mostly experience problems in a social environment, is that ever going to get better?

Im on a trial basis with these aids at the moment, and i find adapting to them quite difficult.

Is there anybody out there that maybe has the same type of problem as me, I’d just like to chat about a couple of my experiences before making a final decision on buying these hearing aids.

I am not an audiologist but my guess is yours would say you have severe hearing loss. If you post your audiogram statistics, one of the professionals on this board might help.

Are things generally better or worse in comparison to your old aids?

I’m also considering purchasing Widex Clear 440 but haven’t tried them yet and am also a student so once your problems are sorted out be sure to post a review!