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My wife has had a pair of Widex hearing aids for about 15 years. The Audiologist that worked with her has relocated to another state. Before she left she told my wife that it was time to replace her existing aids because they couldn’t be adjusted any higher. I began doing research for her and became confused quickly. Consumer Reports states the most technicians don’t adjust the aids correctly which is the major problem. I have many questions but I believe I would like some advice on selection of the hearing products and how to tell if the person sitting across from my wife knows what they are doing.
Thank you for your advice.

15 years with the same pair of aids? Well if you were happy with the original audi then I might contact her and ask her for recommendations in your area. When was the last time your wife went to an ENT? I might also ask there for recommendations. If you haven’t bought aids in 15 years be prepared for sticker shock, big time. A lot had changed in 15 years regarding hearing aids. Don’t go into this with a chip on your shoulder. Go with someone you are comfortable with, someone that your wife is comfortable with. Remember they are your wife’s ears. The fact that the new audi is quoting you a price of $6000 for a new pair of aids doesn’t mean he’s ripping you off.


Hearing aids only help reduce the hearing loss. They cannot totally make it normal again.

If the professional can program aids that improve your wife’s hearing and adjust according to her feedback on the quality them to make the aids sound as good as possible for her, the professional is likely programming the aids correctly.

That’s my experience, after trying some poorly programmed aids.

When we purchased the hearing aids some 15 years ago we had less a clue then we do today. we depended on the professionals to lead us down the right path. Her contract included lifetime cleaning and adjustments. Her original Audiologist, Debbie was extremely patient and through. She moved and the new Audiologist didn’t take the same time or care as did Debbie. My wife was not happy with the service. We paid over $8,000 for the original pair that was in the ear. Debbie told my wife that external devices would offer her greater flexibility. Can we assume that purchasing any of the major brands would not be a mistake? Is there a way to tell if the aid she purchases is over kill or just right?

Sorry to hear about the issues with your current audiologist. If possible, I would look elsewhere.

Is that quote recent? Hearing aids have changed a lot in the last 15 years. Many of the features that used to be available only in external, BTE (behind the ear) devices are now available in ITE/ITC (in the ear / in the canal) devices. Depending on her loss, the newer BTE also allow for a more “open” fit that make use of her existing hearing and can be more comfortable.

Those questions are why choosing a good professional is so crucial. Assuming a skilled professional, any of the major brands should work well, if they sound good to your wife. You pretty much need to depend on your professional for guidance whether she need a high end aid, or not.

If you are able to post the results of a recent audiogram, the professionals here can also give guidance. That’s why many of us post our audiogram in our forum signatures. It helps others give us informed suggestions.

It would be easier if we had your hearing test results. Like I said the thing as far as your wife is concerned is whether she feels comfortable with the new audi, . Ask questions, see what kind of responses you get. Adjustment to aids should be automatic and you shouldn’t be charged for that. See about a trial period, hopefully you can get at least 30 days, but state law may determine that. Major brands are a good idea but there can be a difference in sound and your wife may not like the sound of one compared to another. The audi should be willing to let your wife sample several brands. The big thing is there shouldn’t be the feeling of being rushed. The audi should make you feel as if he is concerned about you and not make you feel as if you are inconveniencing him. Numerous adjustment visits are the norm. But if you could post your wife audiogram that would really be helpful. And what State you live in could possible help the members hear recommend someone to you.

We are going to visit an Audiologists next Monday. I am going to ask for the results and post them.

Once again thank you for the responses.

I saw and ENT today who has audiologists working in his office. I had the audiogram which confirmed my need for HA. She was very professional and was not at all pushy. She said until recently her favorite brands of HA was Phonak and Resound, but right now her patients had great results with Widex Clear. Since Costco sells Resound Future (nearly the same as Alera) for such a reduced cost (a major factor for me), I’ll probably to to Costco. However, some posts on this forum suggests that Resound Futures did nothing to mask tinnitus. Is the difference in cost (about $3500 to $4500 more) worth it to get rid of the tinnitus?

I don’t think there’s any guarantee that your tinnitus will be masked with any brand. My old Oticon Deltas did mask it. But I tried on a later version of that aid which did nothing. I’ve also trialed the Resound Futures and briefly the Oticon Agil Pros. So far my tinnitus is humming away.

A couple of people, I think Seb and a few others, had good luck with Oticon.

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Once me saw and ENT today who has audiologists working in his clinic. I had the audiogram which confirmed my need for HA. She was very professional and was not at all pushy. She said until recently her favorite brands of HA was Phonak and Resound, but right now her patients had great results with Widex Clear.

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