New Hearing Aids

Hi there,

This is directed more to the professionals out there, but anyone can chime in. I’m in the market for new hearing aids and want some advice. I’m 42 years old and I’ve been wearing the Oticon Deltas with a RIC (receiver in the canal) for four years. I don’t mind the hearing aids. But the primary issue is that I go through receivers about every 3 to 4 months due to wax, residue and moisture in my ear. To replace a receiver is $75 a pop. Not cheap. Luckily my audiologist doesn’t charge me for these every time. But still, it’s a hassle to have a hearing aid “go out” every few months.

Anyway, given my audiogram, I’m in the market for new hearing aids that DO NOT have a receiver in the ear. I guess CICs probably should be eliminated. I don’t mind the BTE aids, if I have a custom mold (less feedback than with the dome). I’m curious about the Starkey OtoLens (perhaps I’d have the same problem with wax and moisture with those?). I’m also interested in the Costco hearing due to the price.

Any feedback, suggestions and advice is appreciated.

Also, my main reason why I want better hearing aids is for understanding speech in noisy situations. The Oticon Deltas leave something to be desired when it comes to this capability.

the duals have moisture protection… they should with stand sweat much better

Do you use a Dry & Store at night? It would help with the moisture issues.

Noisy situations will be an issue with any hearing aid but the new directional microphones can help. Be sure you inquire about them and have them set properly. I wore a set of Seimens Centra HP BTEs that could block most sound from the sides and back when the directional mics kicked in. It was really weird to me and I never got completely used to it. The point where they kicked in was around 40dB and may have been set too low.

By all means, if you don’t like an RIC aid then try something else. There are many options but I’d recommend a good, digital BTE with a custom ear-mold and a “in-noise” program you can shift to when it’s REALLY loud. Good Luck!

Not to hijack the thread, but what’s the logic behind a BTE w/ earmold vice an ITE besides vanity?

BTEs have numerous advantages. They can be more powerful, pack more features, have better feedback control, have longer battery life, require fewer repairs, can be more comfortable and much more. Modern mini-BTEs are more popular than ITE styles for these reasons and more.

Some people have dexterity problems, this instruments make sense

Thanks for taking the time to write. I appreciate your feedback. Still researching.

Hi there,
I would suggest better to test the hearing aids since you have experience.
Widex have a good Nano filter that seems to stop the moisture getting in both in CIC and RIC. I would try to find this and use it on your current DELTA it should fit.
S Series IQ of Starkey is a good solution together with their good feedback system that few manage to much out there.
Otolens, you have to have specific dimensions and depth to be able to fit.

Cerustop Nano are much smaller diameter than the no-wax in the Delta ric. A Cerustop will actually fit inside a No-wax if you want to double-up.