New hearing aid

Hi all

I am new here and looking for someone who can share his or hers experieces.

I have just decided that I need some help with my bad hearing. And after visiting an audionome and talked to another they have suggested 4 different hearing aids. Those are Oticon Agil Pro RITE, Bernafon Verite 9, Starkey S-series 11 IQ RIC and Phonak Audeo YES V.

Someone who can tell me the differences between those and if you have some experience of someone of them. What should I think of and does anyone have any prices that I can compare to?

I have been looking around here in the Forum but cant find any specfic tread that compares those aids above.

Thanks in advance.

Can you post the results of your hearing test, your audiogram? It will help those knowledgeable people here understand where you are now and which brand would work best.

Having said that, and knowing many here will disagree, I could take the position that it doesn’t matter which one you get. They are all high-end aids and when you pick one and have many adjustment sessions over a two month period, then get used to it over several more months, you will be able to hear much better. To me it is a little like saying I have never bought a car before, which new, high-end car should I buy to drive on a 1,000 mile trip. They all have different features but they all have the features to get you much further than 1,000 miles.

Going from no aids to aids there is a learning curve where your brain is getting used to hearing sounds it may not have heard in a while. I bought a Starkey Destiny early last year and the sounds were shocking, especially clanking dishes, and at first the high tones didn’t sound clear. They sounded a little distorted but after several months (not sure how long) the highs became crystal clear. If I had tried several different brands I would have attributed the clearness to whatever the last brand was.

You didn’t mention if you have loss in both ears but if you do I would recommend aids for both ears. I got just one at first and wish I had just gone ahead and bought two.