New hearing aid needed to pair with Cochlear N8

I’m in need of a new Resound HA to pair with my N8. Im currently using Enzo 3D, when it works it’s good, but just in the last month it doesn’t work consistently. It’s 3.5 yrs old now, so I’m thinking it might need replacing. Or sending back for servicing…

I’ve been thinking about the Costco Jabra, (same parent company as Resound) and wondering if that would pair to the N8? Does anyone know?

What do all you Cochlear N7/N8 bimodal recipients have? Have you found any problems with your Resound aid?

You are asking a great question. The Costco Jabra is not on the compatibility list but it sure might work. I believe the only way to find out is to buy it and if your audiologists are willing to give it a try.

If I remember correctly you use two audiologist, one for the CI and another for your hearing aid. This might make this even more difficult.

Giving your audiologists a call beforehand would probably be a good thing to do.

Also thinking about Costco working with you on this is a stretch too. Giving them a call might answer more questions.

Good luck with this.

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Rick I know it’s not on the compatibility list. The Jabra is made by GN. I went to my local Costco to purchase a TV streamer for a friend. The tech man offered to pair it to my CI for me. So I assume they would pair it for me if it was able to be paired to the CI. As GN make Resound and GN make the Jabra, it’s just a curious thought. Jabra might not fit profound loss either.

I have my annual mapping next week I’ll ask the aud then if it would be a viable option.

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It appears the Jabra isn’t an option for CI users. I checked with the aud today. :cry:


No don’t get the jabra because official cochlear app only work with resound branded hearing aid and cochlear mapping software only work with resound…


I noticed that Jabras can connect to the multimic, does that mean I can stream to both N7 and Jabra HA using that multimic?
I am not sure what are the advantages of bimodal (currently using Widex and I’m fine even if the audio processing program is not the same) But I’m mainly interested of being able to stream to both aids.

I checked with my AuD in August 2023 she said no it won’t. It might/might not pair to the N7 but possibly won’t link to the mapping computer.
Good luck.

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Following up, I just got my Jabra hearing aids. It works! I can stream to both the enhance pro 20 and the Cochlear Nucleus N7 via Cochlear mini mic (should also work with ReSound/Jabra multi mic).

While not ideal because obviously they’re not bimodal as in they don’t talk to each other nor sync programs but I was only hoping to gain part of the compatibility with ReSound (Since both ReSound and Jabra are under GN). I cannot get a ReSound, they’re just too expensive without insurance.


That’s great news.
Thanks for the update.
Are the two devices streaming in sync?


Yes, they’re in sync, if you are asking about any noticeable delays.


My Costco hearing professional told me in December she thought that the Jabra would work with the CI. They won’t be linked together (remember linking is different from pairing) only a cochlear audi can link ReSound HA’s with the Cochlear N7, Kanso 2 and N8. Streaming the Jabra to the mini mic makes sense and that is probably what my Costco rep meant.

I trialed the ReSound Omnia’s in November (linked with my Kanso 2) and wasn’t thrilled with them. Since Costco and Phonak aren’t partnering anymore, I bit the bullet and bought a Phonak aid through Connect Hearing which my health insurance covered. So I have the same setup as I did with my KS9. No lag, sound the same as with my KS9. I still use my KS 9 because the Lumity HA I got was before the battery model came out so I have to recharge it.

I will say that I do like the way the Nucleus app works to control both the ReSound and Cochlear sound processor. It’s even nicer that you can also use the ReSound Smart 3D app to modify the sound in the hearing aid. Unfortunately my ReSound Quattro are too old to work with the Nucleus app. I can hear the TV fine with both devices so I don’t use the TV streamer directly to the HA or CI. I stream phone calls to just my HA or my CI, but not both at the same time. How many people without hearing loss use both ears on phone calls?

All in all if you can get away without having to stream directly to your CI or have your HA and sound processor linked together, you can use the Jabra HA. You can save money over getting the ReSound aid. I think it’s a persoal preference, but I wouldn’t rule the Enhance out.


Hi All - late chipping into this but wanted to share some information. I have a CI N8 switched on Sept last year Right side, so 7 months in, and I have a Jabra Enhance in the left, (iPhone 13) I asked my NextSense Audi (CI) if they would link as the Jabra is basically a GN ONE, she said not likely but gave it a try and the software recognised the link and I was Bimodal streaming!! Happy days!.

I had the Jabra app for the HA and Cochlear app for the N8. great, streamed either or both devices to the TV streamer and the multi mic phone calls and music to both ears. As I had a pair of Jabra’s I had a spare R so I got Costco to swap the RIC to a L hand one now had a spare.

All was well until last month I had my Jabra re programmed on an annual test, but wasn’t happy with the result so I put the spare in and then thought I would get my CI Aud to link the spare and unlink the other. So just before the visit I unlinked both the CI and HA from my phone. Went to NextSense and now the CI Aud software for linking shows my Jabra as not recognised (turns out some software upgrades have happened) so now I am no longer linked to stream the CI and HA. Which is taking a bit of getting used to.

Anyway sorry for the long post, but I wanted to share that if you have a Costco Jabra and an N8 (not sure about N7) even though all the data sheets, Cochlear and GN say its not on the list, it might be worth a try (get one on a test drive dont buy it on the off chance!). If they haven’t updated the software. It also might be that it only worked in Aus, different countries have different versions of Aud software I’m told. hope that helps :slight_smile: