New Audiogram day of picking up aids?

My new aids have arrived, and I have my appointment to pick them up in a few days.
I have been testing my hearing on phone apps every few days, and I think it has changed slightly since the day I placed the order. I’d like him to test it again at the appointment. Is this routinely done, or is it an unusual request? He has blocked off one hour for the appointment.

Yes they will run the test. They need it to program the hearing aids and should not use an over the phone test. It needs to be done in the office Unless you have another test that was done by a reputable audiologist or possibly Costco type fitter

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Phone apps are notoriously INaccurate, so don’t worry too much about variances.
I’m sure your HCP did a hearing test prior to ordering your new aids, and they should be programmed to your script when you arrive for your fitting. I would not expect them to do another hearing test at this time.
During your fitting they should do REM, and some tweaking to fine tune the aids.
Be sure to have them set up a couple of programs, such as Music, and speech in noise, or whatever you deem important you may discuss options with your fitter.

You don’t mention which make of HAs you ordered, so we can’t offer too much more.


Thanks, maybe I won’t ask for a retest. They are oticon own IIC, so only one program. I actually suspect that the lows went down on the left, but went up on the right.

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He did the test when I placed the order. That was about 3 weeks ago.