Need recommendation for dome alternative--Widex Moment Sheer

I have a new pair of Widex Moment Sheers. I am struggling with the domes. The dispenser gave me numerous packets of different style domes–open, round, vented, tulip and so on–but I need the open dome and so far, I can’t get them to fit. They appear to come in x small, small and large with no medium. Seems odd? I have small ear canals and one is smaller than the other it seems. I need something in between the small and large. Large does not fit at all and the small is too small on one side and sort of moves around.

I have a fitting appt next week and called the scheduler about this. Her reply is to discuss with the hearing tech, but I have spent a lot of time just getting working aids from them and am on my third set. I don’t want to have to reschedule the appt while I wait for alternative domes because it is my understanding you have to retune the aids if you change dome sizes?

Anyone familiar with aftermarket domes that will fit the Widex Moment Sheer receiver? A google search is not turning anything up except endless listings for existing Widex products.

Another member has confirmed that the Signia receivers are the same, have you considered custom molds.

No, I have not thought about custom molds. I do need something that is open and I just assumed custom molds were occluding.

It’s easy enough to have the required vent for that “open” fit, but having small canals could possibly be a problem.

The Signia open fit do fit the end but are different in design from the Widex and look more occlusive. The Signia Connex Eartip 3.0 are identical in design, but also only come in xsm, small and large, no medium. I need an 8 or 9mm size.

Hard to say if they are better or not without trying them, have you looked into Oticon and Phonak, medium are available but that exact size you’d need to experiment to see which fit, it does look like the molds are the way to go tho.

Yes. My concern is whether they fit the end of the receiver properly. But I just ordered a couple of different sizes and styles, Connex/signia, etc. and hopefully one of those will work.

Yeah you definitely don’t want a loose fit! The previous domes from Signia were known as “click” domes, and man they were very hard to remove, they clicked on very tightly.

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I have the older Wide Moment HAs (purchased in 2019) with receivers.
I switched from Wide domes to Starkey domes with no problems for a different reason to yours.
The Starkey domes fitted with no problems on my Widex HA receivers so that is another option for you.

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Just as an example of dome fit, perfect vs. not: ReSound switched to a new line of receivers with different retention collar configuration, and said you had to use new domes (gray). Old domes fit on new receivers, but could be removed by pulling on the rim of the dome. New domes stayed put when you pulled on the rim, and had to be removed by grasping the base.

If a dome fits tightly in your ear, removing the receiver from your ear is “topologically” equivalent to tugging on the dome rim. So if the dome is easy to dislodge from the receiver by pulling on the rim, there’s more of a chance of it getting stuck in your ear.

OK, that makes sense. Now I understand! Thank you.