Need help understanding my Audiogram


Hi I finally was able to get a copy of my Audiogram today at an appointment I’ve put as much as I can of the left ear information but I don’t understand all of the left ear information on the Audiogram or how to translate it. I’ve attached a picture of it

If anyone can help me understand the left ear information better and if I need to put it all on my Audiogram on here and if so how I would go about it.


Thanks for that I’ve now edited the post so it no longer shows


You have a fairly significant Ski-slope loss in your right ear and the left ear is basically dead.

The reason for all the spurious symbols is that the left side apparently responded when the tones were presented unmasked to the left side. When they were masked, the levels proved inaccurate.

It needs a Bi-CROS, probably on a RIC platform.


Thanks for the response do you know what it means when they have written UT at certain points on the left ear as I can’t make out what they have written next to the left ear information


I think it might be VT - possibly Variable Threshold - that they couldn’t get a fixed value due to the variation in the conductivity across your head or interference from LF background noise masking the contra-lateral value out.


Hi thank you for your help


It says VT = Vibrotactile (written on audiogram)


Fair play I didn’t spot that.


Thank you for all the help