Need help to pair Widex Evoke 440 to Huawei P30 smartphone

I have new Widex Evoke 440 hearing aids. I also have an Huawei P30 (not Pro) smartphone which is NOT on Widex compatibility list for the Evoke app.

My HAs do not pair with my smartphone (using Android 9). They do pair perfectly with my wife’s Samsung.

Is there something I or my audiologist who programs the HAs can do to make the HAs pair with my phone?

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Answers from Widex and Huawei.

Widex: … the P30 will not be made compatible with the Evoke app in the near future but may is the distant future.


  1. kindly be informed that the incompatibility may happen because the EVOKE apps only support Android: OS version 7.0, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0 based on their official web, but P30 using Android OS version 9.1. And Nexus 6P using bluetooth version 4.2 while P30 using bluetooth version 5.0.
    2, Related with bluetooth, P30 are supported with BT 5.0, BLE, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC HD and HWA Audio
  2. The root cause finding was related to hardware limitation, where software from WIDEX is depending on hardware. We do understand about the difficulties, however the only that we would like to suggest you to have another possible headset with higher software and hardware version.
  3. Kindly be inform that in EMUI 10 there will be no improvement to the Bluetooth P30 Pro specification. Because this is a hardware system that you unable to update it from available software updates.

So, I buy very advanced and expensive hearing aids. I buy a very advanced and expensive smartphone. And then this happens.

All the answers together still confuse me. Is this really a hardware problem of the Widex. In that case it will never work!
If a software update can solve the problem it is unclear for me if that software update should be provided by Widex or by Huawei.

What is clear to me is that both companies who sell advanced and expensive devices do not solve and apparently are not going to solve this problem.

Did you tried manual of widex app. Lets give try from downloading evoke app from play Store or send it from xender or app sharing. ? My phone bt 4.2 not listed in compatablity but still connect with evoke app Android 8.0 lenovo

Thanks for your reaction, but I am not sure I understand. I searched the Widex site for a manual of the Widex Evoke app and could not find it. There are some video tutorials but they don’t help. Can you send me a link to the manual of the widex app?

I did download the Widex Evoke app from Google store. It seems to work, but asks me to pair my hearing aids. When I try to do that on my Huawei P30, the smartphone recognizes the hearing aids, but it does not connect to it. It shows a message that I have to use the Widex app to connect. Of course the Widex app doesn’t do that. Pairing should be done by Android.

I have made video can you pm me your e mail id video is not allowed here

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Sorry for this (stupid) question: but how do I PM you. Clicking on your name does not give me possibility to send you a personal message.

Sorry to say, but compatibility issues are rampant. Assuming you like the hearing aids otherwise, I’d encourage getting a different phone. I think the issue is Huawei’s. Their version of Android is non standard, and I think they have little incentive to do an update. If you do go with a new phone, confirm it works before committing. You might want to consider an iPhone so you can have direct streaming too.

It’s relatively early days for the massive leap forward in hearing aid technology. I moved from android to the iPhone 8 as I always buy my hearing aids from Widex and it has strong compatibility with that phone. If you like a particular hearing aid it makes sense to check out the most compatible phone if that is an important factor. iPhone will still be constantly updating which can create hiccups, but I am starting to learn how to keep things connected with the hearing aids. Problem shooting involves delete COM-DEX app, delete Bluetooth, delete Spotify (when streaming drops) and reinstall then check problem shooter on Widex website. It’s like your WiFi and router. Switch the aids on and off again. Talk to dispenser or iPhone help line. I am just starting to get into a routine, we are all learning and this is a great place to see predominant issues occurring and possible fixes.

Two days ago I got a new update of Huawei. The phone does still not pair completely automatically, but when clicking the detected hearing aids REPEATEDLY it will after a few clicks pair them. The evoke app works then correctly. The connection seems to be stable. Only thing I see which might be a problem is: when I use the Evoke app it connects to the hearing aids. If then I start an other application and then return to the Evoke app, the app has to connect again. It lose the connection when I switch apps. The pairing with my phone remains intact, also when I switch to other apps.

Thanks to everybody for your comments and help. Especially parth_p who suggested the several taps on the detected hearing aid in order to pair it.

I buy a smartphone more to make good pictures than for anything else. At this moment Huawei P30 (Pro) has the best camera. So, I will not switch to another phone. I also do not like the Apple policies of trying to tie customers to their brand. So, switching to Iphone is definitely not an option for me.