Need help finding a way to hear on a Landline telephone handset

I recently purchased the Phonak - MicroPower IX and love them so far except for when I try to use a landline telephone. No matter what I do I am unable to hear on the landline phones I try. However, the HA’s work great with my cell phone which is wonderful except I need to answer the landline telephone at work as I am the main person answering calls.

My office has the Nortel T7316E (NT8B27JAAA) model telephones. Even though it’s suppose to be HA compatible it does not have enough power for me to hear a thing on it. Any suggestions?

Does anyone know of any company that sells just HA compatible landline handsets with strong hearing coverage?

I’ve found Bang & Olufsen phones to work very well with HA, both cordless and corded. I have a Beocom 6000 and Beocom 1 setup.

By the way, why did you post your question twice? Did you think we wouldn’t hear the first time?

How about trying something like this:
In-line telephone amplifier

I wear Senso digital hearing aids (not sure which, but powerful enough to cater for an 80% hearing loss)

Now this may sound ridiculous! - and I’m sure you must have tried this! but works every time for me on all telephones!

Place the receiver over the microphone of your hearing aid - as daft as it is I’ve seen hearing aid users placing the receiver over the mould - this isn’t getting you the most volume!

Sorry to be so logical, hope it helps :slight_smile:

I too am having trouble hearing on the landline phones in my house. All are cordless phones less than 5 years old. I would like suggestions on types or brands of phones that would work better, my aids are Unitron Next 8s. Incedentally, the phones at work are fine, I would guess they are from either the mid eighties (when the building was built) or the early nineties (when a major renovation/ addition project was carried out on the building). Also my cell phone works great aside from a slight high pitched very faint whistle that I can easily ignore.

that is the right way…
the new aids have auto t-coil…

I’d suggest that ANYONE with a hearing loss equip themselves with a Clarity Telephone. These things are amazing, fully hearing aid compatible, and not bad even without the hearing aid in.

Per the recommendation of my audiologist and Clarity I just purchased a Clarity telephone handset for a landline telephone - - Model W6-FM-EM-80 which I thought would solve my hearing problem at work. Unfortuately, this handset is worse than the one on my telephone at work! The volume isn’t very loud and all you hear is garbled jibber jabber.

Any other suggestions?

Other than the problem of hearing on the landline telephone at work I seem to be happy with my Phonak Micro Power. The batteries however do seem to die much faster than my former hearing aids. My audiologist says that even if I change to a different BTE model I would probably have the same problem on the landline telephone. In order to answer the telephone and hear anything I have to wear my older hearing aid. It’s sad and frustrating to spend all this money and then can’t hear on the telephone at work as that’s my primary job.