Need AudigyFit Genie software

Hi! I need AudigyFit Genie software to program my Audigy AGXO aids. Can anyone help please?

Thank you! Nick

What is the model of your Audigy AGXO aids?
Just FYI, some people in China who bought AGXO G500(OPN 1) and HHM G400(OPN 2) from ebay can successfully connect G500 or G400 to Genie 2 simply by selecting US market/country when installing Oticon Genie 2.

Thanks very much for responding! The instruction book that came with them says “MiniRITE models H-V2 Seeries” Somewhere I think I saw “H33” mentioned. They are SUPPOSED to be equivalent of Oticon Alta2 Pro TI., so I assume I would use Genie, not Genie2 software. However, my Genie 2017 that I use for my Oticons doesn’t detetct them at all.

Thanks again! Nick

Actually it seems like it is miniRite AGXO model H330-V2