Naida Paradise, Sky Lumity, Naida Lumity or similar model

I’m not sure what exact model my mom has as it looks like the Naida Paradise, Sky Lumity, or Naida Lumity. The piece that goes directly into the ear (receiver?) pulled off the tube. It looks like there’s a small ring that possibly goes over the tube that holds the tube into place into the receiver that appears that it should be glued on, but fell off. If this ring is glued to the tube, it looks like that’s what holds it into place in the cavity inside the receiver. Is there a special type of adhesive I should use i.e Cyanoacrylate (CA - I have medical grades 4011 & 4013), Epoxy (I have the UV medical grade Loctite stuff), etc.?

Hi there, got any pictures you could post, as receiver and tube don’t mix so well in the same sentence, if it’s a BTE you may be taking about the mould? Or if it’s RIC receiver type if can’t be “repaired” as such, but a picture would tell a thousand words ; )

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You could tell us the serial number of one of the hearing aids:

1- Type 1, by opening the battery compartment and noting the serial number:

2- Type 2, by noting the serial number on the red/blue tag:

Also, a picture of the tube and receiver would be good as well.

Thanks. It shows under the battery

Link M

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You just need to buy a new tube and re tube. That tube looks extremely old. Sound would have become worse due to how hard the tube is.

Does she have a Cochlear Implant as the Naida Link M is to link with AB Naida Marvel CIs.

The older the tubing, the more it will fall out of the ear mould as the tubing shrinks.

Naida Link M is the Marvel technology.


so that’s a custom mold, the tube has pulled away, it’s soft silicone, if you look here, you can just use a silicone glue.

I’ve never had glue or anything to hold the tubing in, even as a child.

When the tubing starts to come out, it’s time to change it.
That’s what I’ve been told as they shrink over time so will easily come out of ear mould.


Might be a regional thing, they are always sealed in, either with a silicone glue (which is not the same as any other glue, this allows the tube to be removed and replaced easily) or another type, especially with hard acrylic, a small dab to keep them in place.

@Zebras Does the earmold need changing?


The original posters ear mould?

Yes I would say a new ear mould is needed.



What’s the purpose of sealing it in?

Seems like more work to be honest for no real reason but could be wrong?

To make a good “seal” with no movement, I don’t see why a new mold is needed, it’s a little discoloured but being soft silicone this is expected, mine get like that after just 6 months or more but they still fit nicely, I like to get new ones every few years.

Unless you pull on the tube to get the ear mould out of your ear, how does it move?

It looks like it’s harden quite a bit. It’s an ear mould of 3 years. I’ve been told silicone starts to harden after a year and that’s come from multiple audiologists, private and NHS.

Of course only my opinion.

Yeah you’d be surprised how many people do this, the little tags they fit on soft silicone to help with removal break off very easily.

Yeah the silicone don’t last as long as the acrylic, but I’ve still got a back up set of 4 years, still quite soft, but again this is why I redo mine every couple o years, unfortunately they can’t get it right every time, I’ve had to have them remade a few times ; (

Thanks! You all are so awesome for providing so much feedback. I think she has the cochlear implant but can’t reach her ATM.

We have the 732 glue at work so that’s awesome, I’ll try that first.

I forgot to mention that I’m hearing a ton of feedback from them lately and have to have her turn them down all the way constantly. Is there a way around this (software update, etc.?)

Is there a link for parts to get from a reputable 3rd party or do you have to go thru the manufacturer? Their website doesn’t show parts and I’m assuming they’re expensive. I need to find the manual online too at some point.

Changing the tubing can stop feedback and if that doesn’t help then a new ear mould.

Just type in thickwall tubing for hearing aids in Google or eBay or Amazon and buy some. Not much money at all.

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Thanks Zebras.

The clear (acrylic?) ear hook that screws onto the electrical silver section of the hearing aid that connects the silicone tube broke right at the nipple. I see on Ebay there’s multiple ones that look very similiar HE7, HE10, & HE11…but none that say Lumity, just Naida. I’m wondering if they’re all cross compatible between the Naida name or the Lumity name. Also, is the filter inside of that really do much? I see ones without it.

The hearing aid isn’t a Lumity but a Marvel.

They all take the HE11 ear hook.

The white filter is meant to be there but you can do without if you have too.

As the ear hook broke, it shows that the tubing was way too old and had shrunk.

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