Naida filter replacement

I have searched for the video about changing Phonak mic. guards, and can only find one from Crystal Hearing.

My right Naida had become very muffled recently. I have now changed them, with considerably improvement.

The video shows the filters put on the aids separately using your fingers. I placed the sticky strip with the filters straight onto the aid, pressing them down with the removal tool, and carefully peeling off the sticky strip. This leaves the sticky side up, and I wonder if it`s going to pick up dirt easier than that shown in the video.

Stick strip??? I have changed dozens of mic guard filters on Phonak aids. None have a sticky side. Sure you have the right filters?

I know what you are talking about…you can get some that are in little packs and they are stuck to little strips that are somewhat sticky. When I’ve changed the filters, I have never paid any attention to the side that I put up and put down and I’ve never had any issues with the filters picking up more residue than other times…I think you are fine with either side up.


The filters are in a pack with a set for right/left stuck on a strip. They are spaced exactly the correct distance to fit into the filter holes. Maybe the residue evaporates-I hope!


Thanks for confirming I am not doing anything wrong. The filters have lasted about a year, and only recently had difficulty at times understanding speech. Perhaps I should change them more frequently.

I’d try that and if it doesn’t help, consider getting the hearing aids serviced and maybe a new hearing test to make sure the changes aren’t on that end of the equation.

John, The ones I get from Phonak come all mixed together in a small plastic bag. Maybe they are packaged when you get them online???

I change them for my clients every time they come in the office. They seem to pick up oil from your skin when you’re putting the aids in your ears and then the oil picks up dust and what not. But Phonak does not charge me for them, so I change them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

They also come in little plastic packs where they are stuck to a sheet that is perforated and you take off a strip that has 2 (or one depending on the BTE model) attached to it.

I’ve seen them both ways but the last time i asked Phonak for mic covers they sent me these: