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After being implanted with a CI622 followed by activation on August 28 where I received the Nucleus 8 processor, generally all is going well, but a big shout out to @Deaf_piper for her support throughout! The other ear has a Resound branded RIE hearing aid.

Just a few random questions for the wider community with the Nucleus 8 processor:

  • I’ve now, at this stage, got 2 programs, where the first is a “Scan 2” program where I can turn on and off Forward Focus myself with the toggle, and the second is “Scan 2 FF” program, where Forward Focus is already ticked and it says that it’s “managed automatically”.

I don’t seem to notice any difference at all between the 2 programs, where I’ve tried using both in noisy situations when trying to converse with someone.

My question then to other N8 users is, have you found the Forward Focus feature to be beneficial in being able to hear someone you’re speaking with in a noisy environment, and if so, does the program that engages this feature automatically, the “Scan 2 FF” program, do this well?

  • I’ve got some funds that apparently need to be utilised via a scheme we have over here, where I’ve been told it’s a bit of a situation where it’s use it or lose it. At this stage I’m not exactly sure how much I can access but will find out in a couple of weeks.

My question is, as an N8 user (or even any other Cochlear branded recipient), besides batteries, what accessories have you found most helpful in aiding with either hearing with the N8 processor, or, making your life easier whilst utilising it?

I see there’s the:

Wireless mini microphone 2+

and the

Aqua Kit

and the

TV Streamer

as all being available accessories.

Have you had any experience with any of these? From a hearing in noise perspective with my new N8 and what is a new Resound branded aid for me too (previously used a pair of KS9’s), it’s a bit strange in that sometimes I feel I hear well when conversing with someone with heaps of background sound, but at other times, not at all. As such, I’m a little inclined to opt for the Mini Mic to see if that helps in those situations, but in saying that, would be open to considering one of the other accessories instead. (At the end of the day it’ll come down to the almighty $ I have available though :wink:).

Thanks and I look forward to your responses…


I don’t use scan so can’t help with the scan questions. I found forward focus useful just after my upgrade but not useful anymore ( most likely due to one of my implants failing). I found the Mini mic to be useful, I use it for times when there is just one speaker or when watching TV. I put it next to the TV. I found the phone clip to be useful when streaming from a computer. The aqua kit is useful but I find the ear hook part to bend too much so it doesn’t stay on. I have to tuck it into a headband for it to stay on.

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@MickeyCee about time you came to the forum and told us all how you are going……:blush:

As I understand it the forward focus using the toggle is from the N7.
The N8 had the scan 2 FF, the automatic one. I use this all the time. I’m not sure that it makes a great difference in a noisy room though. I do notice the difference in a quieter room.

I don’t have or need any of the Cochlear accessories. But in noisy situations I use iPhone “Live Listen” function all the time. I find this for me invaluable. Give Live Listen a trial if you have an iPhone, and see how you go with it, and see if it’s enough for you. It’s great in restaurants where you have 6 people or less. I turn it on , put my phone in the middle of the table with the microphone pointing towards the other people. The conversation then streams directly to your ears.

The mini mic2 is very versatile and can be used for various functions.

Did you get the smoke detector bed shaker etc from the notice board at the clinic?

If your going to buy accessories for your N8, order and purchase them through Costco. You will save a heap of $$$$. Costco order them in direct from Resound, where Cochlear order them from Resound also and rebrand them. Then up the price dramatically.

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Thanks @studio.prawns_0q and @Deaf_piper for your responses and your experiences - I appreciate your replies!

Interesting and definitely food for thought🤔

I must admit that I always forget about the Live Listen function that I can use with my iPhone, so I really should give it a try in the first instance in a noisy situation and see how I go. And that’s good to know about the aqua kit too.

Sheryl, so just to confirm, the Resound branded accessories are definitely compatible with the N8 too? I only ask because in a similar vein (possibly but maybe not) I remember asking Costco whether their Jabra branded aids, which are re-branded Resound aids, are compatible with N8, and on the Audi checking she said they are not. But then, maybe and hopefully the Resound accessories are compatible because, as you say, they’d surely be cheaper than Cochlear branded stuff!

And yep, in the end I did get the door bell alarm/bed shaker set up and it works great :+1:t3:

Thank you both again for your replies!

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Just looking at your reply again, Sheryl, and this reply says it all!


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Marcus the Costco accessories are compatible with the N7. So I’m assuming they are compatible with the N8. Give Costco hearing centers a ring, they will tell you that answer.

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Thanks Sheryl, will do. :pray:t2:

As far as some extra funds, get extra microphone filters/covers and an extra set of rechargeable batteries for your processor.
Pending on insurance these items need regular replacement.
A set of coils wouldn’t hurt either. The wires go bad after a couple years.

The only accessory I use is the TV streamer and I have been practicing not using that.

Next time you are in a noisy place try switching between your program 1 and 2. While in 1 try turning on forward focus. Can you tell the difference? If you can and the number 2 program is not doing this it is not activating as it should.

Forward Focus is a big change for me, very noticable in noise.

Congratulations on your new CI hearing.


There have been times I wanted to try the mini mic but didn’t. I never had it in hand when needed.

As time went on and I got more practice in noisy environments I slowly got better at hearing in these noisy places. So my point is, you may not need it in time with practice. I have to admit there have been frustrating times. Making adjustments with the nucleus smart app and trying different things. As it turns out I rarely make adjustments now, I pretty much leave everything alone and this has proven well for me.


Thanks for all of that @Raudrive. Very helpful.


Is the Costco Jabra hearing aids compatible with the N8?

The Audiologist I was seeing at Costco here notified me that they are not, unfortunately.

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thank you for the information i was just lookinG for cheaper option for hearing aid that works with the N8 CI, does the jabra accsesories from costco work the N8 CI?

my Question is about SSD has someone been fitting with N8 for SSD that been SSD for most of their life if so how is your results and experience

Hi, I had CI surgery 6 months ago, and I also have the N8 processor (right side). I have a Widex HA on the left.
Can I start by saying that it will take many many months with hard work to relearn how to hear - 90% of what we generally call “hearing” takes place in the brain. Regular listening excercises, and wearing it all day every day in all environments is critical to long term sucess in hearing with a CI. You’ll find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, or after just a few hours of trying to focus in a noisy environment.
I can say this with some level of authority because I am, 6 months in, back to performing live music again, so I know that it can be done. I also know that it takes most people between 12 and 24 months to relearn how to hear with a CI so don’t give in!
If you are struggling to hear in noisy environments, don’t despair - it takes a mammoth level of concentration and brain power to do that, and lots and lots and lots of practice. Remember that your brain is no longer getting nuanced cues from your pina, or middle ear mechanism.
Forward focus can be very useful indeed. I was at the pub a few weeks ago, maybe 300+ people watching the game on the big screen, everybody talking loudly to be heard - I turned my head and heard my friend sitting 6 seats down as clear as a bell.
Your audio can turn certain features on or off for you; for example, I also have a program called Scan 2 FF. I asked my audio to turn on noise reduction to maximum, forward focus on, and it is great for pubs, vehicle noise, etc. The other program has no forward focus (although I asked her to allow access to it so I can use the app to switch it on if I want), and no noise reduction at all. I have the sensitivity turned up from the standard 12 to 16 or 18 on both settings. I perfom live music (drums, electric guitar, bass) on this setting. It allows me to hear heaps more detail in the music, although it also takes a lot of getting used to the extra “loudness”.
May I ask how long you suffered deafness in your CI ear before getting the implant? I know I was very fortunate to have mine inside of 12 months of going deaf (SSHL).

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Hi Steve,

Good to hear about your experience, too. Re deafness in my CI ear prior to being implanted, I had been using a hearing aid in that ear (in both and still am in the left ear as per above) for 16 years for bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, but looking back was probably experiencing some hearing loss for years before that.