N7 Battery Connection

Has anyone noticed an issue when connecting the battery and the processor gives a solid green light but doesn’t work? To get the processor to work I will have to keep reconnecting the battery until the led flashes green once. Cochlear has been replacing the unit and they have no possible reasons for it. I am getting frustrated with replacing the unit.
To me it seems there is a bad connection between the processor and the battery. I have tried numerous other batteries. It takes some time before I run into this issue. It could be a few weeks to a month before it starts acting up like this. I have tried brushing and wiping the contacts but neither of these solutions have worked.

Have you tried pushing the program button when this happens?

Are you saying the processor or battery?

I have not had any issues like this in the 4 months of using the N7 and standard rechargeable batteries.

I have tried pressing the buttons on it without any response. Cochlear has been replacing the implant each time. My audiologist gave me some new rechargeable batteries and the issue is still there

I bet you are talking about the processor.

Cochlear has been absolutely great about processor swaps and generally helping me. Really trying to make me happy. I have no doubt they treat everyone this way.

I have the same problem. Have you solved your problem?

Unfortunately no. Cochlear’s told me to call them anytime I have an issue and they will replace it. Which is fine but I’m not a fan of going they this every couple months

Have you cleaned battery points and the processor points? This happened to me a year ago. I had a small hearing aid brunch. I gently cleaned the connecting points. And my problem was fixed.

It’s the same when the battery charger flashes yellow. Just clean the points on the battery and Y charger. I hope this helps.

Cleaning the points in the battery and processor was my first thought. I tried that and didn’t have any luck. So I am at a complete loss as to what the issue is.

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