myPhonak app with P90 HAs: remove app program (e.g., Music) from HA program lineup?

Yesterday I explored the updated myPhonak app on my iPhone. In so doing I unintentionally added the Music program to the two programs I already had in my HAs (Automatic and TV Connector + mic). This was a minor nuisance because it added an extra HA button click to change from Automatic to TV Connector + mic. I couldn’t find any way to undo other than completely deleting the Music program from myPhonak. This doesn’t concern me, really, except I’m enough of a nerd to be curious as to whether there’s another, less drastic way to remove a myPhonak program from my HAs.

I don’t get it. If you accidentally added a music program on the app why are you now afraid to just delete the program in the app. What is your concern?

Are you saying that the music program got added to your pushbutton programs, and that’s where you want it off? I think Phonak added a feature a few updates ago that one most recent program you select in the app gets added automatically to the pushbuttons. I was wondering how to remove that as well - I really want to just switch between 2 programs with my buttons.

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Program Management
Personalized Adjustments

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I don’t know if my trick for the KS10 would work. If I add a program, and want to delete it from the list, I use the app to change something, e.g. bass. Then it gives you the option to rename it. After you rename it, it can be deleted, but can still be added again later.