Myphonak app & battery widget

So when I had my old phone an oppo X5 lite using android 13 the myphonak app had a battery/volume widget,
Now I have a pixel 8 using android 14 and despite reinstalling the app & resetting my phone the widget is not in the list of widgets.
I’ve tried reaching out to tech support for the app but there useless didn’t even read what I said and said to go to my audiologist :roll_eyes: like they’ll have a clue.

So anyone got the same issue and or been able to get the widget on the pixel 8?

From the Internet:-

myPhonak app on Google Pixel phone - I can pair only one hearing aid

Only one hearing aid connects with myPhonak app on Google Pixel phone

The issue is fixed with the June 2023 software update for Pixel devices. Update your Pixel smartphone to the newest Android version.
Detailed information about the June 2023 software update for Pixel devices is available at:
Google Pixel Update - June 2023

If the June 2023 software update has not been installed on your Pixel device, follow the workaround steps (for Google Pixel phones with Android 13- Pixel 4a and newer):

Restart your smartphone.

If the issue persists, please follow the steps.

  1. Start pairing your hearing aids with the app. When only one hearing aid pairs, choose to continue using the app with one hearing aid only.
  2. In the menu of myPhonak app, tap on “Devices” and choose “My hearing aids.”
  3. Select “Forget the device(s)” to unpair the hearing aid.

Important: Do not unpair hearing aid in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. Leave the Bluetooth LE connection on the list of paired Bluetooth devices.

  1. Switch off Bluetooth on your phone for 1 minute and activate Bluetooth again.
  2. Start pairing your hearing aids with the app again. This time both hearing aids will pair with the myPhonak app.

if still only one hearing aid is paired with the myPhonak app

  1. In the menu of myPhonak app, tap on “Devices” and choose “My hearing aids.”
  2. Select “Forget the device(s)” to unpair the hearing aid.
  3. Reboot your smartphone.
  4. Start pairing your hearing aids with the app again. This time both hearing aids will pair with the myPhonak app.

Thanks for trying but I don’t think that’s what I’m after as my myphonak on my phone has the latest October 2023 update.
But as I’ve said I’m not been given the option to have this widget…

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On Android you do not use an app to summon its widget.
That’s not how it is done.
On Android you hold your finger down on a sufficiently empty space on the screen, and a window pops up asking you to choose the app from which you want a widget. You then get a list of all your apps.
Pick the myPhonak app from the list, and you will be offered a choice of two myPhonak widgets.


Again thanks for trying to help but if it was that simple I wouldn’t of made the post in the first place.
This is my list of widgets and as you can see the myphonak doesn’t appear under p for phonak or m for my phonak so I apologize if I wasn’t clear before but how I get it to show up on the list.
Any body with a pixel 8 using android 14 got it working/know how to get it on the list?

I have myphonak update as of October 2023,I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app twice and turned my phone off/on.

I’ve got a Pixel 4a which says I’m uptodate with Android 13 and myPhonak does appear in the list of widgets. I tried to update to 14 to see if it disappears but at this time Google won’t let me. I wonder what if anything would appear if you tried to make a myPhonak widget with one of the widget-maker apps?

Resurrecting this thread to ask: if I download myPhonak app to my Android Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 phone (which is compatible with the app) do I have to RENAME my hearing aids? I have TWO (redundant) pairs of Phonak Lumity Life LR90s.

If anyone can shoot me a quick reply, I’ll be forever grateful … and who knows? Maybe download that sucker TODAY. :thinking:

Not necessarily, but you will only be able to connect to one pair of your Lumities.

Ack. That didn’t go well at all! I got as far as downloading the myPhonak app but it only paired + connected to my RIGHT aid. Lame! The pair of aids is named “Champagne” (its color), and when I selected that from the list of available devices nearby it only grabbed the RIGHT aid. So I made a test call and sure 'nuf, the call only streamed to my RIGHT ear.

This is what I detest about stoopid phone apps. When they work bad, they work REALLY bad. I have no idea why the app only glommed on to ONE aid. But it didn’t give me a whole lotta confidence. I immediately deleted the app, and then for my troubles I had to “forget” then turn BT off/on and my aids off/on and then select “Champagne” from the list of available devices nearby and after 7 min am back to where I started. Made a test call and it streams to both ears again.

Hmph. Is what I say to these kinda boondoggles. Even the myRoger app (lame as it is) works better. I set up a dedicated program for “Tabletop” mode and can use that.

1bluejay, when you look at the Bluetooth list on your phone, do you see one that says R-Phonak Hearing Aid, and then two that start with LE_

I only saw two things listed: 1.) “Champagne” and 2.) ONE that started with LE_
Since I didn’t know what that LE_ stood for, I didn’t select it. I only selected the “Champagne”. Ack, prob’ly my bad. Now I’m gonna have to try all over again tomorrow. it just rattled me so much that I was left with ONE aid streaming after my first attempt here.

May as well have cut off one ear, cuz if the RIGHT aid only streams sound, I will understand about 20% of what’s said. I am that lame with my ear/brain comprehension on that side. :expressionless:

Maybe it would work if you deleted the Bluetooth pairings and did it new in the app. Dont pair manually, just in the app. Should end up with one R and two LE_. You wouldnt select the LE_s for anything.

You can connect/disconnect from the R- and it should include both left and right aids (not the LE_s).

If I’m remembering this right, you’re supposed to pair through the app before pairing through the phone’s bluetooth. The app uses LE bluetooth to control the aids, and you can’t get that functionality if you don’t pair through the app (though you can still stream phone calls).

I may be off base here, but the way I understand it, is you only need to pair one of the pair of aids with your phone, and that aid then shares the audio with the other aid. Which aid us to be paired is determined in the Target software. If you have 2 pairs of hearing aids, you could have one pair use the RH for the Bluetooth, and the other pair use the LH aid for Bluetooth. Then each could be paired, and show up differently either RH or LH. On your phone.

Each pair of Phonak hearing aids should be recogniced as 3 bluetooth devices if you do the BT pairing.

LE_L → for controls for Left aid
LE_R → for controls of Right Aid
Phonak_R → streaming/phone calls only , stereo L/R signal goes to Right HA (master) and this sends the Left side signal to Left HA

The App is only for contolling the aids and for this it just need access to the bluetooth devices LE_L and LE_R and connect to this only. Both are the Low Energy bluetooth handles for Left&Right HAs and these are both the BT devices for control of each hearing aid.
The third bluetooth device without LE is the streaming device!

You can only have one set (pair) of hearing aids connected to the MyPhonak app.

If you have two pairs (sets) of hearing aids then install additionally the Amplifon app to connect and control the second pair.

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