MyPhonak app and Phonak Lumity

Recently upgraded from Phonal Audeo Marvel to Lumity. Am trying to save a custom program using the app - in certain situations I want my left HA volume significantly lower than the right one. This works while in the app but as soon as I leave the app, the volume equalizes. Any suggestions?

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If you have scrolled down and clicked “update” successfully and it’s still doing this, you may need to have your audiologist create a custom program tab for you. While I’ve never attempted what you want (and don’t want mine modified that way) I can’t try it here. I have successfully made other in-app adjustments that I updated and they persist.

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Your audi should create an additional independent programm, which is not linked to the autosense programms. The independent programms could be modified via the MyPhonak app and then you can save the modification permanently.


You’re right.

Autosense can be adjusted by the APP. However, what you are adjusting is the program that Autosense was in. Say the CALM program. So you adjust the volume down, and save it and name it so you can find it.

But if set up to start in Autosense it will do that, and you find out that the volume is the factory setting.
Then you must select the program with the settings you wanted (the one you saved.)

What I did was I approached my dispensing audi and asked him what to do. He adjusted the settings in autosense using Target and saved them. And he repeated that for the programs on my hearing aids. (In my case I had him replicate the setting changes I see when I select the CLARITY button. Boosted volume. Increased Mid and High frequencies.

All of us have different setup needs. What works for you won’t work for me.

My new Hearing Instrument Specialist sometimes gives me two reports when I ask.

  • Target User Report
  • Target Pro Report

Between them I can see how my hearing aids are setup. We should have access to these because they are so good.

If I was braver I would be tuning my hearing aids myself. I don’t have a pc. Target requires that, and a device to read my hearing aids.