myPhonak 6.7 now available

My iPhone just updated with a new version of myPhonak 6.7. Doesn’t look like there are any major new features but bug fixes are a good thing. Note the new models now supported.



My App won’t connect now even after deleting and repairing.

I did have to reset my iPhone yesterday tho but yesterday it was fine.

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@JordanK mmm sneaky release of the terra + right after the new lumity and from what i can tell they are a new battery range of hearing aids. Didn’t see that one coming

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What is Terra? Low-price product?

Looks like their “Value” or less expensive line of hearing aids.


I assume that Phonak dropped the L30 and P30 entry level tech class and release the lowest tech stages as budget friendly Terra / Terra+ devices. Like it is shown in this file
2024_02_Phonak_Portefeuille_Sante.pdf (43.1 KB)

@Member42 seems that the L30 is still listed on there website under compare models so unless it is seen otherwise in shops then i assume that the L30 is still available can’t see the Terra listed for the UK yet but i assume it is to come

Or they drop the Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ against Terra/Terra+.

Phonak Terra/Terra+ features comparison

Are you ok now? Can you connect?

That used to happen to me every time I saw my Audi who provided my hearing aids

If I remember right I had to forget my hearing aids on my iPhone and pair them using the app

In the app support section faq’s there’s a video showing how

Hope you don’t need this



I haven’t been able to connect at all.

It keeps telling me I need an internet connection, despite having 5G.

The only thing I can think of, is I need Wi-Fi which I don’t have, as in hospital.

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Thanks Ruth. I think you are right. Thinking of you. Wishing you better health


First time you use the Myphonak app after an update, you need to connect to the Internet and location by 4G/ 5G cellular service or Wi-Fi. After that internet is not needed use Myphonak app. What you can do is find a Wi-Fi source or cellular service on another location.

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I’ve managed to connect to the hospital WiFi and now my App is working. It wasn’t allowing it on 5G.

Unsure why it wasn’t allowing it on 5G.


That’s strange. My phonak app works fine under 5G.

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Ruth, I’m so glad you found a way to connect!

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Thanks for the heads up on the app upgrade. Phonak should send a message to all users to upgrade this app.

My dispensing audi would ask me if there had been any updates.

If I answered yes he would phone Phonak…I told him to join the forum so he could hear.