My Starkey App alternatives

I just got my first hearing aids (Starkey Genesis AI RIC RT) a couple of days ago. The audiologist tried to help me set up the “My Starkey” app on my phone (Moto G Play), but it wasn’t compatible.

Since I don’t have access to this app, I don’t even know what it does. She said something about linking into phone calls, which I don’t need. Is the app of any use for configuring my hearing aids? Are there any alternative apps out there that will give me those features?

I hope someone can answer this because I have the same phone. I haven’t got my Starkeys yet, so I haven’t tried the app…
Did she say it wouldn’t stream stuff, or the app wouldn’t do anything at all.
I hope you get it figured out, I think I’ll go talk to the cell company I use.

I have the galaxy s23 and use the app. I find it useful as you can “tweak” the programs with the equalizer that is in the programs. I also setup myself a dedicated program for when I got o work, you can pin the gps location so as I get real close to the office my hearing aids automaically switch. It is a progam I use when running the ac for the portable heaters to help lesson fan noise.

When she tried help me configure it, the app would only see one of the hearing aids. She called their tech support and was told that my phone is not supported. Translated into non-tech English, that means the company didn’t spend time testing it on that phone model, so they’re not going to spend time troubleshooting it.

The supported phone list is here: My Starkey App Smartphone Compatibility | Starkey. Most of them are high-end models. I want to rant here, but that’s off-topic.

I just want to find some other way tweak the equalizer and programs as Milo_Meadows said. I won’t be getting a new phone until Christmas at the earliest, and I have no choice in the hearing aid model.

weird how it will see one, but not the other.
I know absolutely nothing about blue tooth or apps. But the hearing aids I have now the app was just basic and if you turned one up they both went up. they aren’t independent of each other.
would the one the app saw work both? the tweaks would be the same in each ear, but you could have some control of them

Good news. It works now, so you might be fine with your phone.

When I tried actually using it, it was only turning up the volume in one of the aids. Odd, right? Since the volume is linked on the buttons on the aids themselves.

However, I decided to try uninstalling and installing the app to see if I’d missed something. After doing that, I set it up, and this time it works fine. I now have access to programs and some other useful features.

I think what went wrong is the initial bluetooth pairing showed both aids under the same name, and she thought we had paired both of them, but we had only paired one. Either that or it’s one of those “turn the machine off and on again” problems.


Well dang,
I went and upgraded my phone to one on Starkeys list. Oh well. At least I should be GTG and if I want to stream stuff it should work. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have trouble with the volume goes to blast? I have the thrive app. My phone has worked well for almost 2 years. The new hearing aid place said i needed to come in and have it serviced. I went and the guy cleaned and adjusted everything. It started doing this blasting as soon as i got out of town. I live 50 miles away. I took them back the next week and he said he was going to send them in. I dont know what he did or they did, but its still doing it. IfI i want to watch a movie, i just take them off. I cannot stand the loud roar. I am very unhappy with them.

Terry, I can’t help you, but you might want to start a new topic on here. I feel like you’ll get more responses that way.