My Oticon Opn 1 miniRITE plays 8 beeps (microphone service check)

My Oticon OPN1 miniRites are giving me that 8 tone beep that tells me there’s a problem with the microphones. This happened before, and the dispenser sent them back to Oticon, which replaced them both with (supposedly) new ones with (certainly) new serial numbers. I thought that was nice.

Oticon also sent an enlarged photo of my microphone cavities showing them caked with old skin cells, ear wax, sweat, and dirt. With the photos, they included an admonishment of my care and a disparagement of my character. I thought that was not so nice. So excuse me, Oticon, I’ll try to get my skin and wax to slough slower.

OK, so this time, of course, my extended warranty has expired. What would you do?

Do some audiologist or dispensers have the capability to remove the shells and clean the mic cavity? Mine doesn’t. What should that cost?

And what happens when out-of-warranty aids are sent to manufacturers, Oticon or others, for repair? Is there a reasonable fee or do they structure it to nearly force you to buy new ones?

We have members that use a Jodi Vac to clean their aids regularly.
That alone might fix your aids??? If not, it would help keep them clean.

Another idea is open the aids up and carefully clean them. You tube videos could help you on how to do this. The DIY forum on this site could also help you.

Just some thoughts.

I use a vacuum to clean my inner workings on a weekly basis. It is made for hearing aids - I forget the name of it but you can search here and find it I’m sure. Also, I recommend using the Ear Gear hearing aid covers. They will help keep sweat out and keep them clean. You can find these on the internet. They are expensive but much cheaper than having your aids serviced out of warranty. Good luck to you!

Yeah, not so happy here. 2.5yo OPN1’s both started the beeping thing. Audi sent them in for “cleaning”. Two weeks later, left aid starts beeping. Sent in again, and demanded new ones. New ones came (different serial #s) and two weeks later the left one is beeping again. Took them back to audi…we’ll see. Loaners he gave me work great! Hurrumph!

Make sure they send you brand new aids with new serial numbers. If they do and they still beep, chances are you’re consistently in a very humid environment that is causing this.

Older product but new issue for me.

My Left HA sounds an 8 beep, pause then 8 beeps and then a 3 rd round of 8 beeps.

I have no clue what it is telling me.

I have Googled the book and read that I likely have a battery problem as this is the alarm that the battery is about to fail.


I have changed the battery and within the day I hear the alarm again.

A battery read from the iPhone HA app indicates a good battery.

I have moved the battery from the Left to the Right and I can still get the alarm on the Left, so the problem does not move with the battery.

I’m traveling so I can not see my VA Audiologist until my return in November.

Does anyone have any experience our suggestion as to what I may be experiencing?

The only outside factor that I have observed is that I had a good sweat going. I will observe this longer to see if it has a cause and effect situation. I also changed the brick in my dryer.

The manual says that it is a service check for a bad microphone. From my knowledge that means the aids need to be sent in to be repaired. About all you can do is make sure the microphone openings is clean.

By that do you mean change the wax filter, or am I looking deeper into the unit?

Microphone is where the sound is picked up from.

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Ahhhhh, I never thought of that.

Now just guessing, running sweat or rain could be a factor.

Quick look and I see gunk. I’ll look for a brush or pick to clean it up.

Yes, the issue is definitely due to high humidity condensation on the mics. It happened to me after I played tennis and sweat profusely. After I got them repair, I no longer wear them when I play sports and it’s been trouble free since.