My New Phonak Naida IX SP

For the last ten years I have worn the Siemens Music Pro. Hearing in my left went down some so went to see audiologist three months ago and recommended that I look into the Naida line. So for three months I saved my money up and researched the hell out of the hearing aid industry.:slight_smile:

In the meantime I was having a hard time understanding people as they talked and said “what?” so many times. I could tell people were starting to avoid me cuz they just got tired of repeating themselves I guess. :frowning:

So I ordered up the Naida IX SP model a week ago and went to get them couple days ago. Did the hearing test and hearing in left ear went up a little bit!!!:eek: Yay!!! Anyways put on the new aids and I could tell a difference right away. My voice was much louder and the audie’s voice was softer but understandable. Audie knew what she was doing when programming the aids thank heavens!!!:smiley: There is absolutely no feedback whatsoever.

So I went to see Iron Man 2 that night and I was amazed at how much more words I could understand!!! Before I had to take words and piece them together to understand what the movie was about but this time I did not have to!!! It was great!!! Went to work the next day and rarely did I have to say “what?” to anyone except the people that really talked soft.

So I highly recommend trying these aids if you are in doubt. Oh I also got the ICom to go with it and the bluetooth pairing process was easy. I can talk on my cell phone with no problem!!! People on the other end hear me great as well.:o One day I’ll try to pair up the PC with it as well.

Hope this thread helps anyone who is wondering or considering getting the Naidas. :slight_smile: Oh and the whole package costs me $6000 as well. To me it was well worth it!!!

Yip got to love the Naida’s…

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I am so glad to hear that the Naidas IX SP are working so well for both of you. Unfortunately, I am not getting that much out of them. Have had them now for 4 months and I still cannot understand speech unless it is just one person speaking in just the right setting. No phone, tv or radio. My hearing fluctuates so drastically that one month I may have some hearing in the right and then that fades over days, only to become deaf in that ear, but the other ear starts to open up. Back and forth…month after month…my poor audi. I hear sounds to the rear and side but volume seems diminished coming directly at me. My mikes were adjusted but still not very good.
So again, it is good to learn that you are so pleased with yours…this is such a frustrating journey and when something finally works well, it is such a relief for the HA user.

Is it something to do with eustachian tubes?

Ive had these now for a week and I am still amazed by them!!! I just installed the rocketfish bluetooth adapter for the computer and it works with the ICOM. I dont recommend using the Icom listening to music going down the road…the noise from driving drowns out the music. The sound relax feature is good too…cant hear my own clapping lol. Hope you like the update!!! :slight_smile:

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bluetabasco, fyi, if you aren’t already aware of this, you can have your audi adjust the HA mics (down) when using the iCom. I think they’re preset to -3 db and you can have them turned down as much as -30 db. Of course, if you’re driving, you don’t want them turned down that much as then you wouldn’t be able to hear sirens, etc.

I just had mine turned down to -20 db, but may have them turned up a bit so that I can hear my daughter’s whispers when I’m plugged into the FM receiver at church.

It would be nice if we could control the HA mics in this situation…rather than hit-or-miss adjustments at the audi, test, readjust, test, etc.

Do any of you know if the mic can be adjusted on the streamer. My wife complains about the background noise when I am at work and I can her.

Thats exactly what I was hoping for when I go for followup

Yesterday my left aid went completely out!!! :frowning: So I went to see the audie and she took off the hook and it worked fine. So she blew air into the hook and it worked fine ever since!!! Ive never had that happened before…so anyone else have that happen?

The hook may have had those white filters in it. if that was the case, it was probably saturated with moisture and blocked out the sounds. I had filters in mine until I thought it was going to impede the sound quality, so I ended up removing them. Those filters were useless anyway. The filters to keep replacing every so often (every 2 months or so for me-humid climate in Texas) are the microphone filters…

Yeah if it keeps plugging up then ill yank em out!!!


Have you tried out the Phonak Naida V? I am considering to buy whether Phonak Naida XP or V. what is the difference?


If memory serves me right, the additional features the IX have are:
2 types of Zoom
Echo Block

My audi suggested I try the V’s first, then if I thought I needed add’l help, to try the IXs. The V’s are great (and I will keep them if I don’t “upgrade”). I will try the IX’s later this month when I will have an opportunity to try both (one week apart) in the same noisy situation (a bar).

If the zoom helps in the noisy bar and/or the echo block helps in church, I will probably upgrade to the IXs.

Looking at your audiogram, the fluctuations reported and the poor word discrimination it does appear that your hearing loss is very difficult to fit. Unfortunately the hearing aid is not able to repair the damage to your ears and is only as good as the potential of your ears to receive a clear signal. Make sure that the hearing aids are well maintained (having your audi change the filters (mic and earhook) and test the aid to ensure appropriate output if you have any trouble). The fluctuations make this very difficult to assess as you are not likely to know if the hearing aid is sounding different or if your hearing has fluctuated. Also making sure that your audi has the volume control setup so you have a wide range of adjustment may be helpful to allow you to adjust for the fluctuations. I have had client’s in your situation come in when there hearing is at its worst to do a hearing test and then again when they feel it is as good as it gets. This would at least give some idea of the degree of fluctuation experienced.

Should i choose the Phonak Naida III with icom or Phonak Naida V without icom? What is the difference?

You would probably want the iCom with either…the iCom is just a “receiver” - bluetooth, audio cable, FM (with a Europlug FM receiver attached) - that’s sends the received audio to both of your hearing aids.
Check this out for comparing the three levels of Naida’s:

I have never tried out Naida v. When I looked into these I had researched the hearing aid industry to no end. I looked at websites and went on forums and I really liked what people were saying about the Phonak brand. Anyways there are just a few differences between V and IX. There is the duophone feature which I absolutely like. You get on the phone and you hear in both ears. Before I had to get on the speakerphone and had to remind people to use the “good” language lol!!! The zoom control feature is something I have yet to use because I havn’t found a good situation to use it yet. IX has more channels then the V which I think makes a difference in understanding people better.

About the ICOM I still highly recommend. I hear really good with it on the phone. We can use whatever language we want :)!!! I don’t have to wear headphones anymore because I can now hear on the computer with use of a Bluetooth adapter. The sounds are right there!!! It is worth the $300 in my opinion.

I hope this helps!!!

I wear my Naida V for 3 years but until now I still can’t hear well. I’m working at busy restaurant so a lot of trouble and shamed for me, because I can’t understand what they said at noisy background and if my hair wet the hearing aids puffff…not working because of wet,they need wiped first then wait a while then working again(water resistant?).
I’m living at Atlanta, my Audist not liked when I came there often, look like that’s my problem not the HA, he felt he did ajusting HA was perfect, sooo i felt bad if i want to go back there to adjust again… so I just keep wearing this bad HA. If anyone knows about HA which I can adjust by myself at home please give me information, i’m very frustated about this…thank’s friend.


The filters can only take so much water before they lose their resistance to water. That’s why you also need to get a filter package from your audi to replace these every time you have issues with the moisture

I’m living at Atlanta, my Audist not liked when I came there often, look like that’s my problem not the HA, he felt he did ajusting HA was perfect, sooo i felt bad if i want to go back there to adjust again… so I just keep wearing this bad HA.

Your audi needs to be open to helping you to hear better and not criticize you. I have a great audi who is always helpful and open to my complaints and suggestions. By the way, I have lifetime adjustments from her, I guess due to being a long time customer.

If anyone knows about HA which I can adjust by myself at home please give me information, i’m very frustated about this…thank’s friend.

You can also purchase an iCube online to help you make adjustments (along with iPFG software, which can be attained from Phonak’s site for free), but if you don’t know what you are doing, you just might make your adjustments worse. The iPFG does have a way to backup your prior settings, so if you mess up your new settings, you can go back to the older settings. A word of warning though, your audi might not take your DIY adjustments lightly and may void your warranty through him/her. I would suggest talking with him/her and see if they would rather you do it yourself than keep “bugging them for help” (if you feel that’s what they seem like in their demeanor)

Sometimes that’s all it takes for an audi to clear the air and tell you how they feel. If this audi doesn’t become open to your complaints, I would suggest trying another audi, though that would cause you to lose the free adjustment period and you would probably have to pay for your future adjustments…

You can also contact both of these addresses with your concerns. This is to Phonak USA, I have had some luck in getting Phonak help there. For a DIY solution, just let me know what you need.

I have bought some moisture filters online but my audi gave me a kit that included the tool to pop off the filters and the filters came with a handy tape that perfectly installed the filters on the aid.