My hearing journey starts again

Looking at @Deaf_piper’s audiogram tells me she she has 750 hz at 80 db.

Golden rule is electric starts at 70 db is where hearing aid starts no longer be effective. cutoff starts at 70 db from acoustic hearing to electric hearing.

Read about your experience with audio for HA. As I told u I have the N6 and Resound Linx 3D07 RIE hearing aid. I have the Kanso processor and was fortunate enought to get a "Cochlear Nucleus Kanso Sound Processor Bimodal Paring and Streming Manual for my contact at Cochlear. Not sure but perhaps your CI person can obtain something like I have that was in conjunction with Cochlear and Resound.

@touches thank you my CI Aud has got it all paired for me now. It’s working really well thank heavens. Until I try the Lynx :grimacing: and have to go through it all again.

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Hi: I have a MedEl Sonnet CI in my right ear - Phonak Naida HA in my left. I have had this for just over a year now and still my brain is adapting to the sounds generated.
The Sonnet has 12 electrodes and my insert length was 31.5 mm. Medel try to get as deep as they can in the cochlea to help with base sounds.
See if you can get a copy of your map specifics by electrode from your audi. With medel info it shows the mid point frequency for each electrode so you know what each electrode contributes. In addition on line you can get a Tone Generator - you can istall this on your laptop or ipad for instance. Then you can set the frequency generated at the midpoint of each electrode and see how it sounds. Can also compare for each tone frequency you you select how it sounds on your HA in the other ear. Does the HA sound match the CI sound? Don’t be surprised if they sound a little different for some frequencies. In time the CI sound will match the HA acoustic sound.


I’ve just received my 3 month assessment results. My Aud was a bit slow getting them out to me. I’m still trying to figure out what they all mean.



Tremendous change piper. Congrats. Speech in noise scores dropping into the normal range is pretty impressive.

Wow! I’m impressed. I think people who rule out cochlear implants for themselves are eliminating a potentially good treatment option.

@MDB I sat on the fence for 18 months, do I, don’t I. I wish I didn’t sit and wait now…Mind you it’s not easy, the rehab is time consuming. If people aren’t prepared to commit to doing the daily rehab they are wasting everyone’s time…I do 2 hours every day, without fail, but the result are proving to be worth every minute of rehab.
My surgeon showed me some of the data sheets he’s collect. The evidence is pointing to the sooner you get the CI done the better the results you will achieve, in the shorter time frame… The longer you haven’t heard sound in your ear the longer it’s going to take to get good results.
The surgeon refused to do my L) ear due to it being congenital loss. He was concerned that my R) ear may have been a bit long at 3 yrs. He stressed the importance of hard work at rehab was needed to achieve good results.


Great news. It looks like all your hard work is doing wonders. Congratulations!

@rothlev1 everyone’s experiences with a CI is different. I was lucky I could understand speech from activation day. So rehab for me is just listening to audiobooks, streaming anything I can get my hands on. At the start I had to do just words where I listened and repeated.
Hearing through a CI is different, it starts out very robotic, and with time it starts to normalise to a human sounding voice. I’m in the middle at the moment, where a mans voice is more normal sounding than a female voice.

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wow - what a story. best wishes and continued success.

Eh, you can’t second-guess past piper. She had less information to go on that current piper does. And it’s a big decision.


@Neville I know it’s a stupid reaction, But fear of the unknown is very real! Along with hindsight!

I went for a HA adjustment today, my Aud was going through the results with me. She kindly printed out my missing page of my 3 month report from the CI clinic. My audiogram, umm jeepers, my residual is in normal range!:flushed::blush: It’s not been in this range for 40+ yrs.


I’ve just had my 6 month mapping, to say it’s made a huge improvement would be an understatement. With the hybrid and the high frequencies it hard to get rid of popeye robotic speech. So my Aud fiddled around with her computer reducing my highs and trying to get rid of popeye. Whatever she did I’m grateful she has given me a lot more clarity. When I’m next in at the clinic I’ll get her to give me a bit more clarity still. Then all will be normal, I will be grateful to be rid of popeye.

It’s been a big 6 months, I’ve gone from struggling to hear in most situations. Now the ease of hearing is a pleasure. To be able to participate in conversations without saying “sorry could you repeat that”

Edited to add - I also had my 6 month post op check with my surgeon. He was talking about my left ear and it’s ?being congenital. Then penny dropped, it was one of those moments when I just remembered I was born 7 weeks premature. He just said “well that gives me the answer as to why your L ear is deaf. Fingers crossed your hearing doesn’t drop off in that ear. As it will be a struggle for you to get a good result” I asked him usually isn’t prem deafness bilateral and he said yes, your one of the very lucky ones who are unilateral, and no ones knows why.


Am so glad all continues to go well. Best wishes for ongoing success.

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thank you for the update. Wishing you continued success on your journey. Keep posting. Yours is a truly remarkable story.


9 months tomorrow since surgery. I’m loving my bimodal hearing. I’ve at long last got the balance between the CI & Resound right. But I’m giving serious consideration to ditching the the hybrid attachment. While I enjoy the high frequencies when listening to things eg music, but it’s the high frequencies that cause all the popeye type sounding speech. While it has gone to a certain extent he’s still yapping away.

SIGH…I’m having connection issues… I had my processor replaced 3 months ago but the issue still remains. So I’m biting the bullet and getting a new iPhone 11 tomorrow. My current iPhone is an 8 and the iOS is 13.3.1 so it’s up to date.

Now I’m the original IT dummy, I can’t pair anything. Not even one at a time! But when I have to pair 3 simultaneously just plain forget it! Not a hope in hell. So it looks like another trip to the Cochlear Care Centre coming up very early next week. Fingers crossed that when I back up my new iPhone all my pairings back up as well :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I worked for me the last time I did it. But that was iPhone 5s to iphone 7+

Sadly no, all my pairings didn’t come through onto my new iPhone 11. All the MFI stuff did but not my BT pairings. Which doesn’t make one bit of sense to me. So I’m off into the CCC today for some help. As I can’t get my processor to go into pairing mode. Sigh!!!