My hearing journey starts again

Hope the Implants go well for you. Keep us posted on your progress :slight_smile:

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Good deal. Hope you have a brief, uneventful recovery. :grinning:

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Any news on your CI?
How are you doing?

Thanks for thinking of me, I’m ok thanks, just don’t like being not able to hear from post op fluid build up. But that takes approx 4-6 weeks to resolve. Otherwise no other nasty post op complications fortunately. Activation isn’t until the 24/7 so another 8 days to go before the hard work begins.


Sounds like all is on schedule and doing well.
I don’t understand what the activation means causing hard work. I’ll look it up.

Just looked up CI activation Major day for you.

Yes major day for me. I have to retrain my brain how to hear word, sounds, environmental sounds through an electronic device. Some of the environmental sounds I haven’t heard for years. Eg microwave beeps, washing machine beeps, car indicator clicks, and other noises from the inside of the car. The electronic sounds I’m going to hear will will be different from the sounds that I remember hearing. So I now have to recognize these new sounds. Also the same with all the phonic sounds of speech. I have to relearn all over again through the electronic device. Hence the hard work!

As I will only ever be bimodal I then have to try and balance the two sounds. The electronic sounds/speech and the normal hearing sounds/speech and blend them together into my new normal. It all sounds a wee tad daunting, I’m hoping it’s easier than it sounds when reading.


It looks like this guy has had good success in the retraining, maybe he could be of help?
Thank you for sharing your experience and best wishes for this journey into new sound :smile:


By the way, I just checked your audiogram and, after a moment of displacement, I checked mine and confirmed they are almost the same.
This makes me even more curious and eager to know why you chose to go for the CI and results.

@Vogon that’s a simple answer, when your aids are not doing the job properly and you’re struggling to communicate with people in general. You can’t hear on the phone, you can’t hear when you’re in important appointments.


My audiogram is similar, too. I am looking forward for the day when I take my decission to follow dead_piper’s journey. I can follow conversations on the phone and face to face talkings. But I am struggling in rooms with many peoples (much more than in earlier days). Watching TV is very difficult, too, although I use a TV connector. And although I diy.
I feel very sad if I understand not even a third. My word recognition in calm situations is 55%. I am hoping to get this increased with CI in the (near?) future. That’s why I am following deaf_piper’s posts.


@Dani you crack me up! I’m sorry for laughing, but I’m not dead_piper well not just yet :joy: will be one day though.

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Ooops, I am so sorry :zipper_mouth_face:
I’m writing on a mobile phone.

Tomorrow is activation day.
I would like to know how that goes.

Just some added info to the discussion. I have a Phonac Naida in my left ear and a Medel Sonnet CI in my right. Just had my one year since activation test. My word recognition now using both devices in quiet is now 91%. Using the CI alone is 74%. A year ago with 2 HA’s I was like 30% with both aids and less with the right ear.
A device in both ears is definitely a help. The HA seems to fill in what the CI doesn’t do so well. The CI has lower low sounds and definitely picks up high sounds the HA cant handle. I ran a test with a sound generator to confirm what I could hear in both devices.
I have found that listening to podcasts is helpful in “training” your brain to understand different male and female voices. You can always back up a time or two if necessary to hear that word again if you need to. And both the Roger pen or Artone 3 devices with their ability to use the sound signal work better than any of your device or laptop speakers. The word recognition is better.
The CI definitely does not cure all the ills that come with deteriorated natural hearing. Speech in noise is still a problem - as in restaurants and group gatherings and land-line phones are still a problem As a retires guy I can use an iPhone on speaker phone around the house ok.
So here is where the assistive equipment comes in The Roger equipment I used with my Phonaks I carried on with on my new setup. I now have a receiver add-on on both ears. These help with sound in noise and distance and make meetings workable. A Roger table mic set on the podium works better than a loud speaker sound system for me. The Roger helps with TV listening. Either hook up to the sound signal or place the pen or table mic under the TV speaker. An Artone 3 Max which paires with the bluetooth on your phone works well with it’s loop “necklace” and the Tcoil on the CI and the HA. An advantage of the Tcoil setup is that the ambient noise in the room is cut off from your device mics so your word recognition is better.
I have no regrets hearing-wise with the switch to a CI in my case. And as you can see I am dealing in some way with some of the shortfalls that remain.


@Raudrive I will let you all know how activation goes later today.

@rsinclair123 Im greatly encouraged by your story on activation day. I got a Cochlear N7 I will be getting a Resound HA for my L ear in a few weeks. I need to wait until all the swelling and serous ooze has resolved first. Then the accessories will follow as needed I know I will need a phone clip and a TV streamer.

That’s right, you are about 12 hours ahead of us in the states.
Good luck.

I copy and pasted and CI thread from 2015 onto a recent post named Would you Go for It?

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WOW! what a morning it’s been! Activation day… All 22 electrodes have been turned on. My Aud did her thing with a mapping for me. Who sang “Wired for Sound” Cliff Richard I think. So I’m now up and running. My residual in my R) ear pre op was 30db at the moment it’s 42db. So far I haven’t lost very much at all. But this could change anytime, and go any way, up, down or stay the same. The “hybrid” acoustic attachment will be fitted soon, within the next couple of weeks when a bit more of the serous ooze has resolved.

Then the implant was fully activated, and the aud just started talking. Explains all the bits and pieces that I need to know about. At first it was just scratchy sounds, but the more she talked the more I could distinguish words with a lot of concentration. I know have a very robotic “popeye the sailor” talking to me…

To say I’m totally overwhelmed by this mornings events is a complete understatement. No way did I expect voices within 10 mins of activation. I hoped for some scratchy noises, but my results have blown me away… An to hear high frequencies for the first time in many years my poor brain is struggling to come to terms with these pitches.


This is great news.
I can feel your excitement.

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Am so glad all went well - and even better than you had expected. May each day be better than the last.

I’ve been following your story, and am very happy for you.

Congratulations : Keep updating on your story. Following you, happy for you.