My ears always feel like they need popping!

Does anyone know what it means if my ears always feel they need to be popped?

ok, I may be way off but I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents.
I told my ENT that it always feels like I need to pop my ears. It drives me crazy. (I’m not wearing hearing aids, although I’m trying some out now.) He told me that because of my loss of hearing in the “middle” tones, I’m not hearing those sounds. That makes me think I need to pop my ears cause it sounds plugged up.
It made sense to me.
Like I wrote, this may not be scientific but it helped explain this feeling I have and why popping my ears doesn’t help.

Popping of ears is generally experienced when you are driving a car in the mountains, or flying in a plane. and that is because of changing altitude affecting the pressure of the air in your ears.