My batteries were going dead on vacation, packed the wrong size and could not get to a drug store

It was ugly, I was on vacation and I got the wrong battery size from Amazon that I packed with me for replacement when my existing batteries would run out of power. On day 3 the batteries were going dead, so I got my battery pack I got from Amazon and my heart sank when the batteries were too big. I discovered I accidently got 312 instead of 10. I did have some spare batteries in my wallet, but they were old. One worked fine, the other one starting beeping about 30 minutes after I put it in. I was in a bind and was out to dinner. I did not have a car and the closest drug store was a mile away. So in desperation, I opened up my DoorDash app and to my surprise they had hearing aid batteries which was available at Walgreens (a mile away). I ordered it, it cost my $24 with tip for a package of 8, which I normally buy in bulk for around $8. But no big deal, when I need them, I need them and I will live with paying $16 more. Anyway, about 20 minutes later, I had the car drive up to me and was able to replace the battery to restore full power in both hearing aids. Anyway, DoorDash saved the day. I thought I would share this, it well worth having the DoorDash app.


I feel your pain. I once landed in Warsaw on a Saturday. Forgot batteries. Only place you could get them was from an audiologist, who were all closed until Monday when I had to start work. I messaged a fellow teacher for the one-week course we were doing. She ran to a drug store in her native Greece, picked up an eight-pack enroute to the airport, just made her plane and handed them off to me on Sunday. Whew. Or, as Bob Weir said in introducing The Monkey and the Engineer … This is a story about tragedy narrowly averted.

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Great story as well!