Mute HA versus Turning Off

My HA instructions say in order to turn off the HA you must open the battery door until the battery no longer touches the battery contacts. My HA has a mute feature so I’m wondering if muting does the same thing as breaking the battery contact. That is, by muting the HA it no longer receives signals for sound thereby not draining the battery.

Comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Muting is a temp function that continues to burn battery

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Thanks for the reply.

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The mute function is good to whenever you need to take them off for a short spell. Drain is very minimal while in standby mode and probably not much more than the drain when they are out, because they are zinc air.

Personally I can’t think of any situation where I’d want to hear less…

… so you don´t have children who just start learning to play recorder …


You must never have found yourself waiting at a cross walk when the fire department drives by with blazing sirens!

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You must be single and live alone.


The last thing I want to do is constantly be turning my hearing aids on and off (or muting them) every time I get into a temporarily noisy situation. Mine self adjust just fine for my purposes. 95% of the time I don’t touch them after putting them on in the morning. And for the record I spent 12 years as a Field Tech in NYC so am quite familiar with noisy cities.

I am not single. I’m married (with no kids) but I can tune out surrounding sounds quite well without muting my hearing aids. I did it for almost 58 years before I got my hearing aids and I can continue doing it.

That is true. But I think we have doors on all the rooms in our house and they muffle sound quite well…

I mute mine in order to use a stethescope which allows the low frequency biological sounds to reach my ear drums without being drowned out by amplified noise and speech from all around me. So there are times when a mute button is essential.

THAT makes sense to me!

Many restaurants lately or sitting near the a/c exhaust on the porch

I mute them when I am streaming.

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My main reason to mute is to prevent the high squeal of feedback when I’m removing my aids. Apparently for others that squeal can be very annoying. The other reason is mute can lead to a long and happy marriage


My wife lives by the TV, I love to read. She complained when I left her to go read. Now I just mute my aids and enjoy my reading.