Musical startup sound


I have trialed Marvel 90’s for a while, and have also trialed Resound Quattro (only lasting for one or two days), and now I am trialing Oticon Opn S-1.

I am not sure whether it will be the Marvel or the Opn-s, but I do enjoy the musical startup tones in the morning from the Oticon.

I really do believe that other manufacturers should also consider musical startup tones so that their customers will start their day with a positive note :slight_smile:



Marvel has an option for a Startup Melody. It’s selected as default so the Audi must have deselected it. Most HA I Have come across have an option for a startup melody, also a switch on delay which is useful.

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My Phonak V90 Naida aids have this too.



The first time or two my HAs played a start-up series of tones, I thought it wouldn’t be long before it started driving me crazy. But, I’ve found that, over the past almost seven years, hearing the cheery start-up tones is a daily delight.

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I’ve had Phonak hearing aids too (aside from the Marvel), and the Phonak startup sound cannot be compared to the Oticon ones, Oticon really beats it :slight_smile:

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This is the sound playing:

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On my old Starkeys, I had the audiologist turn the startup sound off. On my new Oticons, I have left it on.



After about four months I found the sounds loud, and asked my HIS about them. He turned them down in volume and changed the time they run from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. I like that much better.

I also had him turn down the low battery warning, then found out it was too low in some situations and I never heard it until the aids died and I released there was a faint background sound that I ignored. :thinking: I had him turn that low batt warning back up. :+1:t4:



i adjusted my marvels to have no startup delay, but i do find the musical tone to be pleasant so i kept it as it turns on. i did change the tones to be more in the lower frequencies than the higher.



sounds like a nice tone! (another reason to consider that soon!)
mine right now has a nice windchime/flute kinda feel to it when I turn them on which pleases me too mother knew THAT was a good choice also since my other pair also has this

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@gsl I need some that play “you can make it” by Tammy Faye Bakker.:blush:

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Indeed I find the OPN musical start up sound to be very uplifting. I’ve had my OPN for about 2.5 years now and this chime just puts a smile on my face every morning when I put my hearing aids on.

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The Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Rexton, Signia) has the startup tune. I like it as I find it helps me direct the HA’s into my ear properly. I extended the startup time to the max with the Smart Direct app. You can also adjust the volume.

The KS8 does a countdown beep, and then you get rewarded with a little tune at the end when it turns on…



The OPN musical start up sound always makes me think of a Las Vegas slot machine.

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Just curious, but what does manufacturer support indicate on postings. Also, how is it some of you get to try numerous hearing aides brands and models?



It is a tag you can select on your own when you choose relevant tags, I may have selected the wrong one, but I selected that one since I’d like the support of manufacturers to choose music as a startup sound.

My audi has multiple brands and I could test a few ones.



My first pair of digitals were Phonak’s which I’ve been wearing since 2011 (3 pairs in total). I’ve since got a pair of Unitron’s and oh my word, the start up tune is so much more enjoyable to hear then the Phonak’s.



In the most states (USA) by law you have at least 30 day trial period and many dealers give up to 90 days.



Mind you that can very a lot. In NY the law says that you can return them within up to 45 days, but that is after you purchased them and they can (and do) charge up to a 10% restocking fee. At four different providers this is what I have seen, I have never been offered a free trial, until I read about it here I didn’t even know that such a thing existed.