Musical startup sound


I have trialed Marvel 90’s for a while, and have also trialed Resound Quattro (only lasting for one or two days), and now I am trialing Oticon Opn S-1.

I am not sure whether it will be the Marvel or the Opn-s, but I do enjoy the musical startup tones in the morning from the Oticon.

I really do believe that other manufacturers should also consider musical startup tones so that their customers will start their day with a positive note :slight_smile:



Marvel has an option for a Startup Melody. It’s selected as default so the Audi must have deselected it. Most HA I Have come across have an option for a startup melody, also a switch on delay which is useful.



My Phonak V90 Naida aids have this too.



The first time or two my HAs played a start-up series of tones, I thought it wouldn’t be long before it started driving me crazy. But, I’ve found that, over the past almost seven years, hearing the cheery start-up tones is a daily delight.

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I’ve had Phonak hearing aids too (aside from the Marvel), and the Phonak startup sound cannot be compared to the Oticon ones, Oticon really beats it :slight_smile:

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This is the sound playing:



On my old Starkeys, I had the audiologist turn the startup sound off. On my new Oticons, I have left it on.



After about four months I found the sounds loud, and asked my HIS about them. He turned them down in volume and changed the time they run from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. I like that much better.

I also had him turn down the low battery warning, then found out it was too low in some situations and I never heard it until the aids died and I released there was a faint background sound that I ignored. :thinking: I had him turn that low batt warning back up. :+1:t4:



i adjusted my marvels to have no startup delay, but i do find the musical tone to be pleasant so i kept it as it turns on. i did change the tones to be more in the lower frequencies than the higher.



sounds like a nice tone! (another reason to consider that soon!)
mine right now has a nice windchime/flute kinda feel to it when I turn them on which pleases me too mother knew THAT was a good choice also since my other pair also has this

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@gsl I need some that play “you can make it” by Tammy Faye Bakker.:blush:

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Indeed I find the OPN musical start up sound to be very uplifting. I’ve had my OPN for about 2.5 years now and this chime just puts a smile on my face every morning when I put my hearing aids on.



The Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Rexton, Signia) has the startup tune. I like it as I find it helps me direct the HA’s into my ear properly. I extended the startup time to the max with the Smart Direct app. You can also adjust the volume.

The KS8 does a countdown beep, and then you get rewarded with a little tune at the end when it turns on…



The OPN musical start up sound always makes me think of a Las Vegas slot machine.