Music and over the Ear Headphones


I must agree with Tiny Tech Tips, I’ve purchased the Bose QC35 11 Noise Cancelling over the ear headphones. They are terrific in my opinion and really do cancel out noise when traveling by plane. For us Aussies to get to the UK it’s roughly 23 hours, and to the US west coast it’s 15 + hours depending where we decide to go. Prior to purchasing the headphones I used to travel without my HA’s in, but this made communication very difficult.

Those little earbud thingy’s the airlines give you with HA’s in are the most uncomfortable things ever for travel… Plain disgusting, no thought given at all to people with hearing issues.



Just noticed that Consumer Reports Online has a very detailed report online on using headphones with hearing aids posted on 8/24/18. You will only be able to access the link (I think) if you subscribe to CR Online ($20 per year):

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I’m using Beyerdynamic DT 770s over Marvel 90 Rechargeables, with a custom music program which is copy of the regular music program with wind feedback turned off in the software. I don’t get any feedback with this setup.

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Why would you not use the built-in music program through Bluetooth streaming or a TV connector connected to your music playback device?



Yeah, you would think that because it is the hearing aid reproducing the sound that there would be no difference/advantage to playing headphones through the aids rather than direct streaming but it doesn’t work that way, at least for me anyway. Headphones sound better.



I agree with Mark, my headphones sound much better than streaming through my hearing aids. The sound was better when I was running the Power Domes which aren’t vented, but now that I have a custom silicon mold with a decent sized vent I have lost a low of the lower frequencies. We’ve tried several things with the programming to bring it back, but it’s just not the same.



Because the hearing aids can’t supply the bass that headphones can.

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Agree on bass. I don’t know whether it’s worth it but my headphones come with an equalizer function and a number of presets for the equalizer. I just leave the equalizer set at “FLAT”



Use ear bud tips on your HAs with a good seal and bass is very good.

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I have had Stax Electrostatic SR3 “Ear Speakers” for over 40 years and they still put out awesome sound. But headphones with this technology need a dedicated Electrostatic amplifier to drive them and the combination was dreadfully expensive! But once you slip them on your are taken to another world. I don’t know if anyone even makes electrostatic headphones any more, but for clear, transparent sound, there is nothing quite like them. Another great thing about these earphones is that the pads are covered with a special kind of leather that never wears out and never needs replacing.

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could you clarify do you use integrated equalizer or installed it separated, as a plug in or addon?



Just using the one that is in the music app.



I must have missed this comment in first participating in this thread. I accidentally added the Acoustic Phone program to my Quattro’s and sure enough, every time I put on my Surface Headphones over my HA’s, I activated the phone program because of the headphone magnets. Usually when I went into the Smart 3D app on my smartphone, I could switch the program back to the program that I really wanted to use with my headphones but after awhile I decided that I really had no use for the Acoustic Phone program since none of our regular cordless phones have enough magnetic flux to activate the program and so I just got rid of the phone program.

I see people have commented on headphones activating landline phone programs in threads here at least as far back as 2011 - so it’s something to look out for if you need a phone program but also want to wear headphones over your HA’s. You’d think in a HA app, they’d offer a way to turn the Phone program on or off - so it’s there when you want it but off if you want to use headphones, etc.