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I’ve just bought a pair of Bose Quiet comfort 35 wireless over the ear headphones… I also tried equivalent in Sony and Sennheiser. I looked at all of the ear covering pieces and Bose appeared to be ever so slightly bigger, in comparison to the other 2. Comfort in fitting the Bose came out the winner for me. Don’t ask me about sound quality as I’ve got profound sensinoneural loss. My son was with me and he commented that the sound is far better than his Bose which is an earlier model.


I’ve been using a set of Plantronics Backbeat Pro (original model). The best results I’ve had in a while were yesterday when I used them with my OPN1’s (music program) and Poweramp (choosing the best-sounding preset) on my phone. I’ve really liked these headphones since I got them. The noise cancellation may not be up there with Bose, but they sound great.

I’ve also recently got a set of Audeara headphones but I’m really struggling to make them sound good. In fact, they sound so bad I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. I’ll persevere for a while longer.


I use Bose Noise Cancelling. I do have to turn the HA’s down about 3 clicks to avoid feedback.


I wear CICs, and own three pairs of Sennheisers… HD449 (wear at work, 3-4 hrs a day), HD559 (computer at home), and HD598 SE (home theater when kids/wife are sleeping). Bought them all over the last few years at < $100 ea. All work amazingly well with hearing aids in.

Never tried other brands however. I’ve read on many occasions that Sennheisers are among the most comfortable when wearing for long periods of time, so just stuck with them.


All good info from everyone. Thanks!


Thanks for asking this question, Mark. It was something I was wondering about, too.


You might also want to check out the Sony MDR 7506. Great, balanced sound. Used by many music studios. Large earcups and not pricey on Amazon. Very good reviews, too.


I use my wireless Sennsheiser for watching tv movies but without the aid in place. I have found no reason to wear ha’s and earphones as the same time.


Interesting point. Could one tune their equalizer to match their audiogram?


Yup. Not full matching db loss (whoa!) but it works well enough for me.


I have found two reasons that wearing HA’s and my headphones at the same time is great. One is that I can implement @Mark_Chambers ’ excellent noise reduction strategy that he originally suggested for car radio listening above road noise. Turn the headphone volume up, turn the HA volume down - you increase the signal (in this case, headphone output) and reduce the noise (ambient sound you don’t want to hear leaking through/around earcups and picked up and amplified by your HA’s).

Second thing is I can implement my HA presets to change the overall characteristics of what I’m listening to (equalizer, noise and wind reduction, etc). Maybe I could do some of this by fooling around with my headphone settings, too, but why have to remove and reinsert HA’s, etc., when things sound great to me wearing them and if anything comes up where I need “all ears,” all one has to do is just remove the headphones and you’re good to go right away.

Adjusting the relative headphone/HA volume and using HA programs to control sound quality both work very well even though I have open domes and am using noise-cancelling on my headphones to the max (but noise-cancelling by itself doesn’t completely remove, just greatly reduces, outside noise for my headphones). Don’t fully understand this but I am very pleased with the resulting effects.


What ever works. I like simplicity and the sound is good enough for my old tired ears. I really don’t get to anal about hearing aids.


And that’s a big one with the Evoke which gives me great latitude in the adjustments I can make and then save as a separate headphone program.


I have a set of Bose noise canceling ear buds that I normally use on flights which don’t allow the use of the aids. I equalize as much as I can but there is just too much missing.


Do you mean the bluetooth radio in aids? There is no way they would require people to remove aids.
I really struggle with long familiar music where I’m always thinking things are missing. Very frustrating. I “hear” ya.


These are wired, not blue tooth and you can put them on over your aids but with the mics behind the ear all they do is muffle the sound. They are a few years old. And I can’t use them with the X as they no longer have a port for the jack. Thanks iPhone.


Funny interpreting text. You said “that I normally use on flights which don’t allow the use of the aids”. Now I see that what you meant was that the ear buds muffle the mics on the aids. Or something like that. And I thought you were saying some flights don’t allow the use of aids. :slight_smile:


Tried over the ear. Not good, feedback city. Now on the ear AMAZING. My residual hearing optimized with help.


Open domes or Closed?


If you have tried headphones/earbuds of some variety to work WITH your HA’s, pick the ONE option that you found that you think works best for you.

  • a. Over-the-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  • b. Over-the-Ear NON-Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  • c. On-the-Ear (not over) Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  • d. On-the-Ear (not over) NON-Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  • e. In-the-Ear Device That Works with My HA’s
  • f. None of the Headphones I’ve Tried Works With My HA’s

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