Multiples Wireless Accessories with the Nucleus Smart App

I use the Nucleus Smart App for both my Cochlear Implants and Kanso 2 processors. I have purchased the Mini Micriphone and the TV Streamer. Both wireless accessories work fine when they are paired to the App but the app as I currently have it configured is only allocating one channel. When I pair the TV Streamer the Mini Mic will disappear and visa versa with the TV Streamer. The User Guide suggests that you can pair more than one wireless accessory but each accessory needs to be allocated its own ‘channel’ Anyone have any experience in allocating more than one channel with the Nucleus Smart App?

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I’m N7 & Resound Enzo 3D, and don’t require a TV or mini mic.
To the best of my knowledge you can only pair 1 at a time. Do you have a 2nd phone/iPad/notebook that you can use for the TV streamer?
@Raudrive @ssa can you guys help? Can the remote be used for TV streamer?

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This is my understanding as well. I can not give much experience on this because I only use a smart phone and the TV streamer.

Another thing is the Cochlear Nucleus app only connects to one or a set of processors. I have to go through the un-pairing and re-pairing of processors when switching between the N7 and K2 processors.

@Deaf_piper I have read about people using the mini mic to stream TV. That would cut loose one channel on the app for something else I believe.

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I actually have 2 tv streamers paired with my implan/ hearing aid… just need to seperate them into 3 channels… I have one for my work computer and one for the TV. I Also have a resound mic paired to it… . I also have resound/cochlear phone clip paired to it. I maxed out on the pairing… :joy:

There are 4 audio wireless channels you can use but phone clip takes one channel completely by design.

you can pair up to 3 devices of the same kind or different kind, just need to set them into 1 of the 3 channels available to it and yes, you can use remote to control each of the devices but using the button on the sound processor/hearing aid is easier than going to the app.

Also I paired my implant and hearing aid to both Android and iOS devices, just need to turn off the other device bluetooth connection if you want to use it ( if memory serves me correctly)


Thanks Deaf_piper, Raudrive and ssa for your assistance. I did use my IPad Deaf_piper as you suggested to pair with the TV Streamer and left the Mini Mic paired with the IPhone. It does cause both devices (IPad and IPhone) to get a bit confused as to which implant they are paired with if you leave both devices close to each other. Not a major problem you just cant sit and watch TV and have your phone close by. Yes, Raudrive I did use the Mini Mic to stream the TV and that will work as an interim measure, although the sound quality isnt as good as using the dedicated TV Streamer.

ssa thanks for confirming the details regarding the wireless channels. Are those channels on your phone or on the remote control? When I pair wireless devices using my IPhone it only shows one channel and will stay with the wireless device I am pairing and not display the previous device. I will see what I can manage with the remote rather than the app.

I have requested assistance from Cochlear Service Assistance and will let you know if they come up with anything.

Thanks again.

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To put your wireless devices to a different channel you need press the pairing button 2 times for channel 2 or 3 times for channel 3 in rapid succession and there is a visual incidatior that it will blink like 2 time or 3 time in rapid succession

it doesn’t matter which device you use to change the channel input.


Here is what the interface look like when it is paired.


What does the “off” button do? I don’t have that on mine.

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turns off streaming and back to normal…

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@Phill when you finish with your iPad, before you switch to your iPhone. All you have to do with the iPad is switch off BT. And turn on iPhone BT, and vice versa. This will stop the confusion between both devices and the one you want to use. You don’t need to keep pairing them all the time.
Cheers Sheryl.


Exactly. I think Cochlear works like ReSound. Aid should be in pairing mode. Streaming channel is set by pressing pairing button 1-3 times on the transmitting device. Smartphone or Remote is not involved in the pairing process and could be turned off. Paired devices will show up anyway.

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Good Information. How do you set up the different channels to achieve being able to use two or more different tv streamers?

Thanks in advance for your help!

you need to set both devices in pairing mode, select a channel( google it)