More uses for Trulink Programmer

After I purchased my Halo aids, I purchased the Trulink Programmer and the Inspire program. This works great for me. I was wondering what other aids the programmer will work with.

Only Starkey HA’s, I’m afraid.

What other models besides Halo?

Halo, Muse, Z series.

Your answer is wrong. Looking at the Starkey cable and boots guide, the Truelink only supports Halo hearing aids and future hearing aids that are smartphone compatible. All other current hearing aids will not work with the Truelink and they use the Surflink programmer.

The defense is wrong.

I have been told by audiologists that the Truelink programmer only programs the Halo aids and will not work with the other Starkey aids.

Sorry for goofing around with the My Cousin Vinny link. Yes the Cable guide and @Terost are correct in that Trulink is only for the newer Halo stuff. You can also use Noahlink Wireless but I don’t see it in that cable chart. Here’s another;

Also don’t buy proprietary devices like TruLink. You are stuck with one manufacturer.
How to choose a programming device to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]

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In addition of my two new Halo 2 I1600 HA (bought in the nederlands, 2.500 Euro for both), i just bought a TruLink Progmmer for 99 Euro here in germany ordering it via the net. In advance i checkt if it will functionaly be ok in jonjunction with the Halo 2 HA, which i´m pretty sure about now… After receipt i wiil report more about.

Yes the Halo, Halo 2, Halo iQ are the only models designated as (** Wireless programming) and at the bottom of the chart you can see that (** Wireless programming) requires usage of the TruLink™ or Noahlink Wireless Programmer. So you should be good to go.

I received the TruLink Programmer meanwhile and the connection and communication to my both Starkey Halo 2 HA is OK. I made the first own finetuning and it went pretty well.

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