Mobile as Remote microphone

Hi all,
Anybody who knows of an app which allows you to use your mobile phone as remote microphone for difficult listening situations?
Should stream with Bluetooth to hearing aid, in my case Phonak Paradise.
I have seen some but they require a wired headset connected to mobile.

Do you use android or iPhone?

HeardThat which works with both Android and iPhone. But it’s not free after free 30 minutes a week. US $9.99 a month or $99 a year.

This functionality is already built into the iOS operating system for iPhones. It is called Live Listen and works with hearing aids that are compatible with the Apple mfi (Made for iPhone/iPad) interface.

@mikesvensson90 you have to at least tell us what kind of phone you use.
Android & iPhone are 2 different beasts.
Hard to help w/out basic info, just sayin’

Roger On would give you way better results.

Thanks for all suggestions!
Sorry, missed giving basics :blush:
I am using Samsung Galaxy S10e with Android 12.

Don is suggestin Roger On , nice thing but cost in Sweden more than a months retirement income…(Swedish currency extremely weak at time)

Will have a look at HeardThat, thank you!

I found this on the google play store:
headset Remote
Problem is any app that turns on the mic, will disable the mic when screen turns off, so that may be a problem.
Maybe get a used iPhone for your remote mic, and use live Listen.

Go with Google Sound Amplifier: absolutely no lag and great noise reduction.

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Google Sound Amplifier doesn’t work with ASHA HAs [non-Phonak]
This app does:

Uses the same libraries as Amplifier (and is similar looking) so latency is superior to anything else.


LiveListen doesn’t work with Phonak as they use different Bluetooth.

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On Android it is the other way around :smiley: since they use (old) Bluetooth Classic, and are detected as a normal headphones.

You are so right MFI and BT Classic = no go.
Thanks for reminding me, since I’m in the “Droid” world >)

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