Miracle Ear model numbers

Hi all,

Although I was told my HAs have bluetooth technology, I started to research it on the web, trying to identify the mfgr / model.
I’m going to be slightly p#ssed if I have to spend more to get that functionality, as mine cost 5900.

Last week, I purchased the ME-III (shows that on my receipt). I’m trying to find the exact model number / manufacturer, and it seems to look like the Sirion 2 line,
as the it looks like the first HA on the left in the bottom jpg:)

Can anyone assist ? Thanks in advance.

The Sirion 2 sells for much less than $5900, so it’s unlikely that you have that model. It also doesn’t support Bluetooth. But assuming you have a compatible model, you will have to spend more to get Bluetooth connectivity because you need to purchase a streamer. It’s an external module that hangs around your neck and acts as the interface between your hearing aids and the Bluetooth device.

Thanks for the response. And I just noticed ME-3200 on a card that was inside the box …I don’t have a good feeling about this.

I’m afraid you were ripped off. ME3200 is the same as Siemens micon 3mi. That’s an older-generation product that was replaced about one and a half years ago. It sells for around $3500.

Did you get a trial period? If so, take them back and demand ALL your money back! If you didn’t get a trial period take them back anyway!

Nice, real nice!

With hopes of educating myself as much as possible, I’ve spent time researching over the last month, and this HA market is quite closed, to say the least.
I wish I had found this forum sooner.

I don’t really like asking for help, but my time is limited before I go back this week for my 2nd appt.

Would you be kind enough to provide me with some hard facts to back me up?

Previous to this purchase, I have not had decent working HAs for quite a while, and there are really only 2
franchises that handle HAs in Ma. So even if I go in there and get my money back, I really don’t have many other options.

I really would appreciate the assistance, in the short term.

Hi Gents,

Been reading a lot here, in the meantime.

All I was asking for, in case you misunderstood, was some proof that the ME-3200’s (Siemens micon 3mi) are an older-generation product that was replaced about one and a half years ago.

best regards,

Unix people really hate the hearing aid industry. It’s in our blood.

Miracle Ear is always older generation tech. Thats how Siemens moves through its older chips. Thats not to say its BAD. Its just not cutting edge. Like if you bought a 2015 model car, brand new. Its still a brand new car. The price you paid if ridiculous for that model, however. I hate that.


I feel the same way.

The Pricing package looked as follows:

ME-3 Solution Package Help Areas Sugg Retail Price Promo/Discount Promo Price/pair
3-yr Warranty 24 7,490 1,600 5,890

Lifetime Aftercare Program
3 yr loss / Damage Program

Well it’s over and done with, as I have returned them.

Going to Costco tomorrow and will continue educating myself via this forum.

My former profession as a musician was the cause of my hearing loss.