Miracle Ear 750 or Rexton Revo?

My mother, who is 84 years old, has lost 45 -50% of her hearing, mostly in the high frequency range. Miracle Ear at Sears suggested the ME750 BTE with 4 channels, feed back cancellation, and noise reduction. It is on sale now for $3,498 a pair (with her insurance).

At Costco, she tried the Rexton Revo Open Fit, while browsing around the store. It is selling for $3,499 a pair. She liked them in the store and felt “deaf” when she gave them back. They seem to have more features that the ME 750, like Sound Smoothing, Directional Microphones, and Wind Screen technology.

Miracle Ear is very service oriented, with service visits recommended every 4 monts. Is that really necessary? Does the Rexton Revo need that much attention?

Who makes the ME 750? I know that Siemens make the Rexton. We are leaning towards the Rexton. Would this be the best choice of the two?

Thank you!

I would say, rexton is a bigger company and therefore would be able to provide better support…

I have heard good things about costco

Hi cco

+1 for Rexton and Costco vs Miracle Ear and the ME750.


Personally I would avoid Miracle Ear at all costs. It is probably the lowest quality of all hearing aids. There is a bust Miracle Ear dealership near me and I am constantly seeing people who purchased aids less than two years ago coming to me because they need something better.

The last bit of information I got about Miracle Ear (they website doesn’t tell you much) is that they are now owned by an Italian company and have their aids made for them by Siemens (but low end budget Siemens, not the quality stuff). This may have changed as the material I read was a few years old.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything with Rexton. But it sounds like your mother did well with it, and liked it. That’s half the battle right there!

Of course my favorite brand is Starkey. A very large American company with a very good reputation. They often sell under the names Nu-Ear and Audibel.

Thanks to all who replied.
ZCT, the lady at Miracle Ear told me the were an Italian company, and assembled the hearing aids there from German products, so your information is still current. The United States headquarters is in Minnesota.

the company is amplifon, they used to make good equipment and their also Hearing aids, A while ago- they decided to concentrate on Retail…

I believe they have significant presence in the Us and EU retail market…
A while ago they knew that they would not be able to compete against the big companies …

you can read all about them here…