miniTEK problems

Has anyone been able to connect their miniTEK to a PC running Windows 7 64 bit? My Bluetooth adapter recognizes it but the drivers can not be found. If you got it working, where did you find the drivers?

Also, I am now having a problem that my miniTEK will not powering on. When I plug it in to charge, the light blinks green instead of red as it is supposed to. Could it be the battery has gone bad? If so is there any way to replace it? The unit is out of warranty.

Thanks for your help.

Update and Question:

I think the problem with the PC Bluetooth has to do with my doogle. I’m ordering another one to see if that solves the problem.

I used the reset button on the side of the miniTEK and it seems to be working OK now.

Question: How long can you power on the niniTEK on a full charge before it starts blinking red? Mine only seems to last about 5 hours and thats just on, not talk time or receiving audio.

I get 3 days of program-volume changes if I don’t stream any audio.
Streaming, I get 4-5 hours.

I recently had the same problem with my minitek unit: I can’t get the unit to turn on. I tried leaving it plugged in for two days to see if it would charge, hopefully fix itself.

The unit won’t turn on regardless of how long I hold the power button down and when I plug in the usb power to charge, the light next to the power button flashes green. The user manual says nothing about being off and flashing green.

Like the post @holabar above I put a paperclip into the reset hole on the side and it works again. Plugged in the unit and now the light next to the power button is red like it should be. Turned on the minitek and it is working again.

Yesterday I tried taking the unit apart but that didn’t yield any results other than breaking one of the clips on the inside and discovering that 4-5 years of daily use makes the inside very dirty. Before I found this post I was thinking that perhaps the battery in the unit has gone bad. I didn’t see any disassembly videos on youtube of someone else who may have braved to crack their minitek open.

Thank you @holabar