MicroPover V 300d dAZ + Maxit Bluetooth Loopset

Shortly I purchased a MaxIt Bluetooth loopset from http://www.tecear.com.
My aim was to have a bluetooth neckloop which connects with my mobile phone.
The bluetooth functionality of the neckloop in combination with my mobilephone (HTC S 710) works very good. Both devices have Bluetooth v2.0 and the response time to take a call is quite short.

My only problem I have now is that I thought that the so called EasyPhone function will activate automatically the build-in t-coil of the MicroPower when a phone call comes in as I have experienced it with the SmartLink/Mylink system of Phonak.

But in my case I have to swich it on manually over the remote control or hold a magnet near to the hearing aid. The point is that this manual switching is not so good due to the loss of time you have until you can answer your call or while driving a car you cannot press first the button of the remote conrol of the hearing aid to swicht to t-coil mode and then to press the answer button of the neckloop.

My questions are:

1.) why the EasyPhone function of the MicroPower activates the t-coil automatically in comination with the Smartlink/Mylink system and why it does not work with the MaxIt Bluetooth neckloop?

2.) Is there a possibility to adjust the “EasyPhone” function of the MicroPower hearing aid in a manner to make it more sensitive to the possibly weaker inductive field of the MaxIt Bluetooth neckloop?
(I’m not sure, but I suppose that the inductive field generated by the MyLink neckloop of Phonak is much stronger so that this field triggers the EasyPhone function of the MicroPowers hearing aid, see question 1)

3.) Are there other bluetooth neckloops which are strong enough to trigger the EasyPhone function? I ask for some people who have experience with other neckloops.

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Yes, in most cases, regardless of the brand, with an Easy phone/autocoil, you typically will have to manually switch to telephone mode.

Unfortunately, with the MicroPowers and the Micro Savia ART CRT, there are no buttons on the instrument, thus you need to use the remote to switch programs or hold up the magnet close to the instrument.

I will try with our Artone’s to see, but I am quite sure they too will not auto activate. I believe it works with the Smartlink because when bluetooth is activated, the remote send the signal to the Hearing Aids.

I will look into it a little further and post and see if there are any other options.

Hi Admin!

Thanks for your answer! Today I attended a meeting at my local hearing aid technician and he confirmed the fact that with the smartLink/myLink of Phonak the t-coil mode is switched on via the remote of the smartLink which sends a signal to the micropower hearing aids. So there is no way to make it switch automatically.

He has reprogrammed the t-coil program in that way that I can switch it on over my remote manually. This is a little bit more inconvenient, but I found a feasibel solution binding my keypilot on the belt with a keyjojo (a retractable key holder).
This is much cheaper than to buy the whatchpilot remote.

I am astonished how good the response time of the MaxIt neckloop and the mobile phone is (HTC S710). Pressing the call/hang up button on the neckloop the phone reacts immediately without delay. Comparing with other bluetooth devices on the market I’m bound to say that this is a combination which seems to work very very good. It seems that with the new bluetooth standard v2.0 there has been reached a level of acceptable realibility.

The sound quality is o.k. It could be better (in comparison with Smartlink/Mylink) but I hear quite good. Considering the inductive transmission of the voice it is clear that one should reckon with electromagnetic interferences caused by other electrical devices like e.g. TV’s. But this is an inevitable phenomenon using this technology. In spite of this I hear much better than with microphone and the common acustical background noise. The fact that I hear a call on both ears makes it easier to understand. When using the neckloop, I hear a buzz coming from a near TV I can reduce it easily moving my head in another direction or to move one step.

All things considered I’m very happy with it and I can recommend the combination of the maxit-neckloop the phonak micropower and the mobile phone HTC S710.