Microphone Replacement

I got my hearing aids (RITE from America Hears) just over two months ago. About three weeks ago, I spent a weekend with sounds of static in my right aid. It stopped after two days and was OK until earlier this week when it started again. I took them in and they replaced the receiver. They were fine for about two hours and started crackling again. I took them in again and got a call today that they are ready to be picked up.

The message said that they cleaned them and replaced the microphone and that it was “pretty significant”.

I’m wondering why they needed to be cleaned and the microphone needed to be replaced so quickly. Is it possible that there is something I did (or didn’t do). I clean the sound tip and wipe the outside of the ha every night and put them in the dryer. That’s all I was instructed to do when I got them.

I won’t be able to pick it up until Monday but wondered why it might have fitzed out after just two months of wear.

The Mic could have been flooded by perspiration/contaminants or through electrostatic discharge. At the end of the day they are delicate electronic devices with air holes in each end. Doesn’t take a lot to take them out of service.

Thanks for the reply. That concerns me a bit … . I don’t think I could be any more careful with them.

TBH a blocked mic is significant in terms of the aid, but it’s just one of those things that does ‘go’, sometimes you get an early life failure which might mean there was a fault in the construction or original fitting of your mic. Anything else (other than the precautions about the kinds of failure above) is just flannel from your audiologist/manufacturer…

…that and hairspray, hairspray is a real killer.

Hmmm . . . I do use hairspray but I have never put my aids on until at least 5 minutes after I’ve used it.

who will help to find microphones separately, for models oticon ACTO PRO minirite?
TO38-31638-B21 and TO38-31639-B21 or analog,

please tell the knowledgeable people , are there specialists here?