Micro-tubes won't lay flush with my ear

I got hearing aids for the first time in 1/06. I have the Phonak microSavia BTE model. The problem is that I can’t get the tubing to stay flush with my ears. When I insert them, they are flush for a short while but then pull away and leave a gap. I like the fact that they are almost invisible when the tubing is flush, but much more visible otherwise. I have tried all different sizes of tubing, even some different brands. None seems shaped exactly right for me

It would be nice if I could bend them to fit better, but haven’t been able to do that. I have tried cosmetic glue, which does help for a short while, but it’s not good for the tubing and it’s a pain in the neck – and it only works for a couple of hours. Any suggestions?

I dispense these hearing aids and have found the the tubes sometimes don’t stay flush against the face.

The fitting kit from Phonak should include both a deep insertion tube and a shallow one.

I have found the shallow one stays more flush against the face. Yet that tube does not come stock with the hearing aid…they come in a kit that hopefully your audiologist/dispenser has.

You probably have a tube marked 0A, 1A, 2A or 3A, wheras the shallow ones ar emakred 0B, 1B, 2B or 3B.

If your audi/dispenser does not have any, please PM me and you can order them from me if you wish.

Otherwise, you can also try a large dome tip to hold it in place better.

Hope this helps.

Please let us know how it goes!!!

Thanks very much for responding. I have tried all different sizes of tubing. I currently have the 1b size and (I think) a large dome. This is the best my audiologist can do. She has even tried some different brands – no luck. It seems to me with how much these cost that there should be some availability of more customized tubes. Is there a way I can re-shape them? I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people but I had tried a previous model before these came out (it was bigger) and the tubes fit me like a glove.

Any other ideas?

I did some experimenting and you can cut the tip with the 3 ridges on it, all the way to the part where the tube gets larger and then re-attach the dome.

This way, the tube will be around 1/2 inch less in depth and the tubes should sit closer and flush against the face as designed.

If you totally ruin the tubes, they are very easy to get and I can even send you some if your audiologist doesn’t have any more, so give it a try.

If this doesn’t work, you can also try using a heat gun to bend hte tube into shape better, but that’s a lot of work.

Last resort is to switch to the Vivatone or Oticon Delta, which are made out of a memory wire instead of a silicone tube.

Hope this helps.

Let us know how it goes.

I bought my aid from genesishearinglabs.com and had the same problem initially. They sent me a whole bag of tubes and cups of different sizes to try at no charge. The audiologist I dealt with recognized it as a problem with the tube being too short so that the tube going into the ear was going in at an angle which pulled it upward. This caused the cup to slowly be pulled out. I used a tube that was slightly longer vertically and now I never have the tube back out of my ear during the entire day. Also, they supply spare tubes for free.

I think the open fits are great too. I use the Sonic Ions and they are super comfortable and I am hearing a lot better too.

I haven’t heard too much about the Resounds too much, but it’s great you are having good results too. I have heard so much negativity from my friends about hearing aids, it scared. me.

But I am glad to be a happy hearing aid user.

Yea, I am very happy with the GN ReSound Air. Of course, the price of these little jewels is exhorbitant when you consider that you can purchase a high end computer system for the same price. I got mine to prevent a larger charge for the lawyer stemming from me saying ‘what’ every time my wife talked to me. :slight_smile:

Was your problem ever resolved? I am a new microsavia user and have the same problem. I have the 1a tubing with the medium dome. My audiol says I have narrow canals. When I push the tubing all the way in, so that thetubing isflush, it’s minimally painful. It works it’s way out with jaw motion, I think.

You can bend the tubes by GENTLY heating them with a hair dryer (heat gun would be too hot, methinks) and holding them in the desired position until they cool.

If your audiologist also carries ReSound products, they have a nifty tool for this purpose. There is a sleeve that fits around the receiver to protect it from heat damage, and a coil that wraps around the tube. Bend the coil to the desired shape, hit it with the hair dryer, and then let it cool.

Modifying the domes and making sure you have the correct length of tubing are also good things to consider.

i use my wife´s air blower on the lowest setting
for apro 1.5 seconds then i blow it and let it cool for a few seconds
this should do the trick…

I have not seen the GN tool
what is the order number?

I don’t see a product number on the packaging, but I just called up customer service and asked for a rebending kit (The package insert says “dot by ReSound Rebending Kit”)

Thanxs ! I Will Call Them