Micro-Tech Curve M7

I just found this forum and signed up to it. Micro-Tech Curve M5 RIC or Sharkey ZON .5 RIC. I was wondering if anyone has one of these units and can tell me what that know about these hearing aid, and if people have been happy with them?

I used to fit MicroTech hearing aids quite a bit, before they were bought up by Starkey. I’m not sure about their latest aids, but they used to be very good with CICs.

Here was a good thread on the subject of the Starkey Zōn, which is the same as what Micro Tech call the Curve. Same aid, made by the same company, just badged for Micro-tech. Anything you read about the Zōn is therefore applicable. Starkey claim it is best in class and have some pretty compelling evidence to support that.

Here’s the link with lots of information for you:


Thank you so much ZCT for the links. :slight_smile:

It is my understanding that besides the Starkey Zōn & Micro Tech Curve, the Audibel LX is the exact same unit too.
I think they are all now owned by Sharkey, but if your were to choose one would the Sharkey Zon be the one you would choose? If so, then tell me why?