Metalic echo in left ear


I have seen several posts for a metallic echo in left ear. This happened to me for the first time today in the middle of a meeting. It reminded me of when flying, specifically landing and I felt the only solution was to get my ears to pop.

Accompanying the echo seems to be muscle spasms in the head, neck, and shoulder with some dizziness/disorientation. After I get my ear to “pop” the other symptoms remain plus a horrible sinus pressure headache. I have cycled through this 3 times in the last 3 hours.

I am very sensitive to air pressure changes but am also very susceptible to sinus infections. How do you know when to see an ENT?



It sounds like this is causing you considerable distress. I’d see your regular physician or go to urgent care before considering seeing an ENT.



kfewer, you have my utmost empathy!! To have this happen 3 times within an hour means there IS a cause. You just have to find it. Things that come to my own (not-medically trained) mind are: sinus infection (can even stem from TEETH/gum issues), nerve damage (neck/sppine), in addition to the pressure sensitivity. Take ten deep breaths and resolve these issues one by one.

I am also super sensitive to pressure, and my ears let me know when the weather is changing 2 days before! I get the exact same “metallic” sound in one of my ears when low pressure systems swoop in. Even temperature changes can make them BONG with the 24x7 tinnitus I have. Ah, I’m wrapping you and your ears in a healing aura, but I DO think this is a multi-factorial situation that can be conquered with treatment and drugs. GOOD LUCK to you, and let us know what you find out.



This is no substitute for medical evaluation of your condition. But here’s some really cheap congestion relief. It’s says $1.52 but I get if for .88 cents and it works great for me, Sinus Relief. Also, they changes the package color, It’s no longer that orange color.



So just spent 3 hours in ER for something else but brought this up. Hearing is fine today. I am wondering if it was an environmental reaction. I am allergic to so many things. It could have been my system reacting to something I came in contact with. I work in a hospital so there’s a lot floating around the air in here. It was very distressful but once I left the building my hearing was fine and no headache.

I have had a lot of strange things happen like ocular migraines and completely losing my vision in one eye (on 5 or 6 occasions spanning over 20 years). All tests come back normal. I am always the picture of perfect health.

Maybe I need to live in a bubble. :slight_smile:

Actually I have been suffering greatly for a year an a half with neck and shoulder problems so it is likely stemming from that. It just didn’t seem related at the time it was happening.

Thank you all for your input.



^^^ Well, that sounds like overall good news! But it also sounds like you may need to reflect on a new year’s resolution: get another job! I greatly admire the folks who work in hospitals on a daily basis, but the exposure to chemicals, bugs, and STRESS looms large. Maybe your skills could be applied to a related industry at a kinder, gentler location than hospital. It does seem coincidental that the hearing sensation came on in a particular ROOM at the hospital - makes you wonder about the ventilation or other unknown factors going on.

If your neck & shoulder issues relate to your job - that’s a bigger issue! In any case, have you considered physical therapy and/or acupuncture on a regular basis? I’m getting acupuncture for a curious case of “frozen shoulder”, and after 8 treatments, I CAN LIVE WITH THIS! It has really made a night & day difference. On top of which, the first question out of the doc’s mouth was: “How do you spend your day?” That led to the realization of a major trigger factor for my shoulder. Perhaps you have some triggers, too, that need to be addressed and eliminated. Wishing you continued healing and progress in this quest!



I have been going to physio and massage for a year and a half. It is ironic and coincidental that all this started after an ergonomic assessor came and redesigned my workspace to address carpal tunnel. I think a numb hand was much more tolerable than this. lol

On another note, I think the incident was a reaction to something I ate. I got a similar but not as bad of a reaction the very next day right after lunch. My meal was the same both days. I immediately had de-ja-vu to a similar reaction I had 10 years ago.