Metal Detectors

So I’m thinking the hearing aids are of course going to set off metal detectors.
When y’all take them off to pass through the detector, since they are so small and valuable, to you simply set them down on the moving conveyor belt?

I have never taken off my aids to go through a detector and I have never set off a detector while wearing my aids.

I agree, no problem.

One less thing to worry about :slight_smile:

I’ve been in and out of several airports in the past few months and have never experienced an issue; not with my hearing aids or stents or surgery staples. :slight_smile:

Never heard of a HA setting off a metal detector. I have a better one. Does anyone shut off their hearing aids when the steward(ess) says please shut off all electronic equipment?

Relavent follow up question to islanderbaw. Are you allowed to get an MRI after having had a stapedectomy?

I don’t think I would shut off the aids, but the Tek manual suggest turning the Tek off for flights.

I’ve never turned off my aids when flying either. As for the Tek, I don’t think I would turn it off, although I would turn my cell phone off. As it is the Tek has to be pretty close to the hearing aids to be of any use. That tells me that its signal strength is pretty low. It should have no effect on, nor even be detected by the flight instruments.

Most stents and staples are titanium . . . not an issue. BTW, I do turn off my bluetooth on the Oticon Streamer.