Marvel 2.0 not connecting to Windows Bluetooth Surface Pro laptop

I already connected fine with my iPhone with Marvel 1.0. With 2.0 installed I tried to add my Surface laptop. It sort of tries to connect (says it is connected) but the sound is all broken up.

I suspect this is more to do with the Microsoft side than Phonak.

Anyone else have an MS Surface laptop that they have connected to with no problems?

Ok, I found something. After “Connect” to my Marvel 2.0 with the laptop, initially, when playing music, I get a “connect/disconnect” situation alternatively about every 2 seconds, while the music is playing - sort of staccato on and off.

I clicked on the “speaker” icon in the tray and up popped three options - play directly on the laptop, play on “headset”, and play on “headphones”. I chose the other option than the one it was on and hey presto, the music source stayed connected normally.

Must be two different Bluetooth protocols or some such and the Marvels only work with one of them.

Hope this helps somebody else.

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