"Making Waves" - on AmazonPrime

Maybe a bit off topic, but I watched a really engrossing special on the art (and science) of sound used in movies. “Making Waves” (seen on AmazonPrime, my apologies if you don’t have access to it) covers the history and use of sound - as a narrative itself! - in movies to enhance the narrative and experience for the audience.

The program covers the development and advances of sounds used in cinema: sound effects, the musical score, ambient sounds, etc., going all the way back to the very first talking picture. There were dozens of my favorite movies featured in the program, and I could vividly recall the impact they had on my imagination (e.g., Star Wars, Apocalypse, Toy Story, A River Runs Through It, etc.,)

It was fascinating to see the time, talent and dedication these sound professionals put into their trade. I also found it interesting that “background” sound in movies is way more than just the music. It’s also the special effects, the dialogue added/enhanced after the movie has been shot, ambient sounds, sound mixing, and even the discovery of sound techniques.

I know that just having the dedicated “Music” program set up on my aids was transformative! I can now enjoy the dynamic range of music here at home. But it was also revealing how much SOUND means to people! I’d limped around probably not hearing half of what I could’ve till I got my first pair of aids. And then, the aids would flatten and distort most sound so much that it just had to be tolerated. But I can appreciate that with the advances in hearing aid performance, even I - with cinderblock ears - can appreciate how much of an impact sound has on a movie, as subtle or powerful as it can be.

I honestly wonder if I’ll watch a movie or TV show without paying attention to the sound that accompanies (or defines) the scenes.


What sound… Only kidding.


Hearing loss takes so much away from us.

Only those with hearing loss understand this. As a person’s hearing loss gets worse a separation takes place.

I remember the first time I wore hearing aids that were properly fit. My hearing had gotten pretty bad at that point. Driving down the road after many years of not turning on the radio because of hearing loss I decided to turn the radio on. It was a great moment in my life hearing old rock and roll music I have not heard in many years. I understood it.

Then life moves on and my hearing got worse. Finally decided to get CI. Music was a mess with CI for the first couple years. It has slowly gotten better. Now I recognize most songs and enjoy them. The brain is a wonderful thing. It can twist and contort sounds as it sees fit.

Don’t give up hope about hearing. All you have to do is try.


TY. That sounds (no pun intended) very interesting.