Make your own dryer - do it yourself video

Thought some of you might like to try this.


I just don’t like the idea of having to buy replacement desiccant material. I like my plug in model. Electricity is cheaper and a lot easier.

I am all for multiple solutions, so that’s great! The replacement desiccant I use is FREE as it comes packed with many other products everyone buys.

Thanks for watching.


Good way to reuse the desiccant that comes with all the stuff we buy.

I have been using Stay Dri for over a year with fine results.

The container has a vent plastic unit filled with tiny round desiccant place in a small, screw on plastic can. The lid says to microwave for 30 seconds each week. The amazon page says once a month. I do it when the pink color starts to darken. I bought it 13 months ago and it is still like new. I gave $10.50 for it.

Just saw your video about do it yourself dryer, very good. Too bad I all ready bought my Phonak Drying cup, it came with 6 refills, but next time I´m using the ones in the video.

Cheers and thanks for the tip.

I use a Dry N Stor UV drier. Works well but I have to replace the dessicant pods about every 2 months as they are not reusable. I’d like to find something that is.
Mike in AL

Can’t you simply pop the desiccant packs into your oven to dry them for re-use? I remember such desiccants from many years ago.

There’s no cost to this method if you just pop them in after you take out the cake or baked potatoes and let residual heat do its work.

I micro wave my desiccant 2x year or so.