Mail Order Repair Service Providers

Are there any provider that provide out of warranty repair work?

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I have used hearsource. I purchased one of their self-programmable hearing aids. They were responsive and fixed the aid when the programming connection failed. I referred a friend to their mail order repair service and she said her aids were repaired promptly for the flat fee they offer.


PS. I would also be interested in the experience others have with mail order repair. My audiologist wants $500 just to replace the seals in my four year old Phonak aids.

I use/like Earmax Lab.

I have used with great success. They are an actual clinic in Rockford, IL that has an online presence. They flat rate repairs based on type. My BTE was $150.

They also have analog aids for those interested. All used to work for Starkey prior to Starkey moving to Minnesota. These guys are thorough, quick,honest and reasonable in price for services provided. They also have walk in service if you’re in the Los Angeles area and are located in Garden Grove,CA.
They also have a toll free number 1-888-580-4327. I have used them and have never been disappointed.

I use this one.

When my 4 or 5 y.o. old Phonak needed repair - it cost a flat $300 for my HMO’s hearing center to FedEx them back to Phonak for repair. They were back within 6 days. According to “repair sheet”, they replaced several tech items (wasn’t clear). I am not sure whether the $300 is what Phonak charges - but that’s what I paid. (I may have paid for the shipping TO Phonak, can’t recall. It was all handled by hearing center office.

$300USD is what I was quoted for factory repair. I usually pay $125.

The following is from my main DIY thread which you can link to by clicking my avatar.
Don’t expect factory support for repair when you buy used HAs. You likely will have no warranty unless there is remaining warranty and you are able to get it transferred into your name. Don’t try to use factory repair for HAs bought on EBay, as HAs that were reported lost may get confiscated. Factory repair is way too expensive anyway.

Lloyd’s was able to get factory service for me on a pair of Siemen’s I got on eBay. Those were the aids that the dryer overheated. He’d sent them to local repair but they still died after a while of use. I was green as grass at the time and the smart thing would have been to get a different pair but that’s my fault.

I think Lloyd has a lot of clout being a regular clinic and online in a way that doesn’t bring the ire of the manufacturers.

I bought my Roger intergrated receivers on eBay and was able to send them back to Phonak to change the color of them and even paying for them to change the color, it was still a lot cheaper then buying brand new. I don’t dare send my Phonak hearing aids to Phonak as I bought them off eBay in 2015.

Got my 1st aids private sale through kijiji (internet listing) met the guy @ his audi in a different town who tested me confirmed they were OK for my needs and did the initial fitting - cash deal for both. I then sourced a local audi that carried the brand. I started a relationship with them, buying batteries domes etc. My 1st repair was done under warranty. The audi tweaked a few things. Second was $600 prepaid before it went in to the manufacturer.

That location got sold to a chain. Next repair to the same manufacture was $400 and it came back not repairable. Got my money back. Took a chance and sent it to Lloyds. They replaced the receiver for $150 USD, with exchange and shipping that worked out to about $200 CAD. 1/2 the price of the new local that could not fix it. I would not think twice about sending to Lloyds again. Quick, friendly and cost effective.

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